Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hello Flawless, The Amazing Effects!

In case, like me, you're a HUGE Benefit Playsticks fan, you'll be sad to hear that Benefit will be dis-continuying playsticks and instead replacing it with Flawless liquid foundation.
Here is a review of how it works for me. 
My cheeks (the most problematic area of my face, when I took this about 3 months ago, my skin was terrible (thank goodness the redness is all gone now!) , with the spot redness before. And the amazing effects of after a few strokes below. :) 
This foundation is buildable, so if you need to add a few extra strokes to certain areas you can and it does make a difference. I would still recommend that if you have redness/scarring to still use a concealer before or after (up to you) and if you like a matt finish like me, use some powder to achieve it.


  1. Your skin looks flawless, must swatch this next time I'm at a Benefit counter x

  2. Yes! It covers up pretty well. Does what it says on the tin! :D x

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  4. Hi Magda,
    Thank you so much.
    Of course, will go follow you now!

  5. wow! Looks great!!!! definitely does the job xx

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  8. What Other Benefit Products Do You Like?
    I'd Love To Know!
    Thinking About Trying The Brand Out
    ( As You Know I Love My Mally )
    I Got The All You Need Is Gloss Set
    And Loved The Colours & Textures, But They Tasted AWFUL!
    Are All The Glosses Like That?

    Danielle From:


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