Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lipstick primer, is it really worth it?

 E.L.F's lip primer. Is it really worth it? 

Hello lovelies :)

I'm a bit of an E.L.F fanatic. If you've never heard of the brand it stands for Eyes Lips & Face. They are a REALLY cheap online make-up brand. Most items are all £1.50, however, quality is amazing! I have a lot of their stuff. 

The last item I purchased was the Lip plumper & primer. Now, my lips are already big so I do not need the plumper but FYI if you want to make your lips appear a little more pouty I've heard it does great things. It's infused with cinnamon which causes a tingling sensation momentarily swelling your lips up and making them appear bigger.

As for the primer, it's supposed to intensify the colour of the lipstick or lipgloss you wear.
I tried the primer with the elf plumping lip glaze in 'Fuschia Fanatic' 

Lip Primer & Plumper

I also applied some chapstick on my lips a few minutes beforehand to soften them.

Here are the results of how the lipgloss colour turned out! (With the primer on the left, and just the ligloss without the primer on the right)

As you can see, quite a difference! And the difference was even more obvious in real life. With the primer the colour showed up as in, the colour you actually saw on the lipgloss, PINK, actual PINK and in real life it looked very baby pink. In other words, I liked it!

On the right without the primer, the colour wasn't as pink or as bright, it was more of a glaze. To be honest, it looked like a completely different lipgloss altogether. 


I think I prefered the lipgloss with the primer, the colour was definitely more defined and closer to the colour of the actual lipgloss. I think the primer makes is a good investment it's very cheap and it makes it seem like you have 2 lipglosses / lipsticks out of 1 because the colours with and wuthout the primer show up so differently! 

If like me, you have a lot of lipsticks whose colour you think is too dark and doesn't suit you very well and end up just sitting at the bottom of the drawer I'd say, buy the primer and give it a go! 


Lip plumer & Primer £3.75
Plumping Lip glaze in 'Fuschia Fanatic' £1.50


  1. You have lovely shaped lip ... Jealous xx

  2. Haha, thank you!! I don't like my cupid's bow :O xx

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  5. I've had the primer for so long and never used it...I think I need to do so
    thanks for the post!

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  9. You have amazing lips! Jealous!! :) in love with your blog, following! :)


  10. Really great post, I guess this would be so useful if you have really pigmented lips. I've never thought about lipstick primer before but now may have to give it a try!

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