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Glossybox, Dermalogica & Alison Claire review

GlossyBox November Review with Dermalogica & Alison Claire

Hi lovelies! 

So this month I decided to try one of the many beauty box subscriptions! I chose GlossyBox in particular because the brands appeared to be more expensive and the products of better quality compared to JolieBox for example. 
In case you're not familiar with beauty boxes, they are websites such as GlossyBox which you subscribe to for £10.00 per month + p&p and every month they send you a box with some sample goodies and sometimes full-size products! You can cancel your subscription anytime so you can literally just buy the one box. 

What I thought about it:
The customer service was great! They replied promptly with the correct information however, I was disappointed with the delivery time. I received it 6 days after it was posted and saw many other bloggers tweet and blog about theirs 2 days later! 
The content of the box was good but I felt was misleading. The website showed 12 products in the box but I only received 5, I'm still not sure why the advertise it as that many but only give you 5. I'm also not sure how they go about choosing which 5 go in your box, all I know is that there were some products advertised that I would've much rather have than some of the ones I actually received.

What was in my box? 

Nails Inc mini polish in 'Portchester Square'
Dr. Jart BB cream
Wei face mask
Alison Claire Mango Body Butter
Dermalogica daily microfoliant

I am happy with the selection of products I received but I would've much rather some other ones instead of the body butter and face mask. I've reviewed two of the products from the box below. The only ones I've had a chance at trying so far. Will review the others soon! 

Products reviews:

Dermalogica Microfoliant powder:

Stars: 4

Ok - first impressions? SUPER weird! An exfoliant in the form of powder? I've never tried such a thing before! Anyway, is it any good? I say yes! You don't need a lot of it, just put some on your palm and make sure your face is wet. Massage onto the face and the small exfoliating beads begin to disappear. You should rub for a minute! 
I was pleasantly surprised because when I saw the word microfoliant I think like a lot of people I assumed it was like an exfoliant and that it was harmful if used everyday, but this formula is very mild. I particularly like using it when taking my makeup off in the shower with a wipe, this provides a nice extra cleanse before washing my face with gel before bed. 

I wouldn't recommend it for people with dry skin as I have combination and found that it left my skin feeling a bit tight. But ultimately, it's a good cleanse, but I still wouldn't use it everyday, just when I feel my skin really needs a good cleanse a few times a week.

Priced at around £25.00 this is definitely something I'd purchase when travelling rather than to use at home, simply because the size is good for travelling and also it's very quick to use unlike scrubs and exfoliation which takes time. This microfoliant is quick, effective and a great pick-me-up for that extra tired skin needing a deep cleanse. 

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter:

Stars: 4

So this smells absolutely DIVINE! I am so big on smells and so I LOVE this! It smells like candy floss and mango, delicious! However, I found that the smell stayed on the skin quite a long time but it could have stayed longer in my opinion. However, it is a very natural product and I guess that's the price you pay! 

It's not as easy to spread as most, when you begin rubbing it on it goes white and pasty and then you have to rub harder for it to absorb.
I really like the fact that it's made with a natural fragrance because it's less artificial than most body butters and I also love the fact it's not tested on animals! 
Priced at £7.99 I think I'd definitely purchase this again! 



  1. Great post!

    Blog followed.

  2. Would you recommend Glossybox? I've heard alot about it, but I'm not sure if its worth 10 a month. Looking to find out a bit more, as I'm quite tempted like any beauty fanatic! :)

    Great blog by the way too. Really helpful!


    1. Hi Laura,

      I would recommend it yes because out of JolieBox, GlossyBox & LuxBox, GlossyBox has the best products. You don't have to commit to £10 every single month, you can literally order one box, cancel your subscription and that's it, you get the 1 box and no more.

      What you could do like me is around the middle of every month they announce what's going to be in the box. So, instead of paying for it at the beginning of December for example, why not wait a week or 2 until the announce what's inside, and if you like it, buy it, if not then save your money :D

      I think if it has 1 or more one off items (face masks that you can only use once) personally I don't think it's worth it. But that's about it. Hope it helps!


    2. Hi,

      The tip about waiting to the middle of the month is brilliant! Sneaky, but brilliant!

      I'm going to have a look at it now. Thanks

      Laura x

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  4. WOW that's really neat that they send you a box of samples! Do you know if they have it in the US?!

    1. I think this is it for the US

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  8. Great review! Thank we may need to look into signing up for this, seems like a great deal!

    We're currently holding a giveaway on our blog if your interested.

    Sita & Radha xx

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  10. I was pleased to see the Dermalogica product I must admit!

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