Thursday, 8 November 2012

HD Brows

Brow beater & tweezers 
by HD Brows

I was given these this week. Eyebrow tweezers and a 'brow beater.'
My first impression was that they looked like quite luxurious products. The packaging was eye-catching and nicely designed. Once I took the products out the tweezers looked well-made and professional, the brow beater not to much but once I opened it and pulled out the brush I must admit that the brush is nice! Not clumpy with serum and the bristles were well defined. 

My opinion on them?


These were REALLY good. I love them! I have been using my mum's tweezers ever since I begun plucking my eyebrows. I've never had tweezers of my own because I've never found any as good as my mum's old one. This one however is very good. Very very sharp edges, great for catching the small growing hairs. Pulls them easily and efficiently. Be careful though, if you pinch the skin, it'll be a bit of an 'OUCH' moment! 

Brow beater 

This was better than the other brow serum I've tried by E.L.F. This one was less heavy and when it dried it didn't clump and make my brow hair look shiny. It was actually very light and YES it did keep my brows in place! Even after taking my makeup off in the shower.


Good products but a bit pricey! 
Would I pay £19.95 for the tweezers and £14.95 for the brow beater? For the tweezers YES! They're worth every penny.
For the brow beater maybe! I wouldn't use it often enough to justify the price, but if you're someone who uses it everyday or very often go for it. If I used it more often I'd be happy to pay that much for one that feels comfortable and does the job rather than buy a cheap one I'll just throw away. 

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  1. great post honey, this tweezers are fantastic!


  2. Thanks for this! I'm on the market for new tweezers as my generic ones from Boots just aren't cutting it! These sound great! xx

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  9. These look great! Havn't heard of these yet but will probably look into it :)
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  14. Good review as I hadn't heard of these-I may just have to go and have a look :) Thanks for sharing

    Tanesha x

  15. You write great reviews! Loved this post :)x

  16. the tweezers look amazing. i need to invest in a good pair of tweezers mine are rubbish !
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