Monday, 7 January 2013

Benefit mascara; They're real!

Hi beauties! 

I wanted to share with you my favourite mascara which I wear nearly everyday! 
I learnt about this one about a year ago when I went to a Benefit counter to buy foundation.
Anyway, after a demonstration in-store I was completely hooked. After using many different mascara brands over the years I found this one to make the most dramatic difference. 

What do I love about it...

I love that the brush is VERY defined. No matter how much you keep dipping it into the tube, it doesn't become clogged like most mascara brushes do. ALSO, it has a few small brush strands at the top to help you catch the smaller lashes in the inner corner of your eye so that you never miss a lash again!!! 
It also does very significantly lengthen and darkens the lashes as you'll see from the photos below. I've never found a mascara which elongates my lashes as much as this one, and of course it being black also darkens them for the full lash effect.
As you can see, it doesn't clump lashes too much which is another main problem with mascaras. It also never smudges, even if I cry -_- (don't ask) so I'd say it's definitely waterproof.

This is worth every penny. It IS a little more expensive than most mascaras, priced at £18.50 but really worth it if you're tired of spending money on mascaras which make no difference. Pair this up with a pair of nice strip lashes and WOW! 
One of by favourite makeup products, probably forever! 




  1. I got this a couple of years ago and for some reason I never really got on with it because it felt so scratchy and didn't feel like it gave me much volume, but with yours and everyone else's positive reviews I think I may repurchase :) x

    1. Ooh that's a shame to hear :(
      It might have an ingredient you don't get on with very well maybe?

      I used to be like that with a Bourjois one, except it just made my eyes cloudy. Give it another go, they might have changed it. x

  2. This is indeed a great mascara, have to get a new one soon!

  3. It looks like it does an amazing job! Love the volume it gives. Going to check for this!


  4. I love love love this mascara, my fav thing about it too is the fact that it doesn't clog and keeps defining your lashes no matter how many layers you apply! Xxx

  5. It looks like a really great product! Would you like to follow each other? Hope you can stop by my blog sometime(:


  6. I am also absolutely in loooove with this mascara! It's the best one I've ever used for sure. Great review of it =) your lashes look so long!

  7. What pretty mascara, it make so big genes :)

  8. Looks like a great mascara, I wish they would come out with a waterproof version :)

  9. I keep hearing good reviews about this!Im going to have to buy it!

  10. ohhhhhhhhh i have seen such good reviews of this on youtube and stuff damnnnn i really want to try it now!!

  11. I have this mascara too and it literally is amazing! Xx

  12. I just started using this and I'm in love xxx

  13. im in love with this mascara!!! thanks for following! =)

  14. I love this! And Badgal lash! Xx


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