Monday, 28 January 2013

NOTW: SS13 Metallic Colours

 Hello beauties! 

As I have so many nail polishes and have developed a love for nails lately I have decided to start the famous NOTW: Nails Of The Week! I hope to review as many brands as possible as I know from experience that there are some polishes well worth staying away from. 

So this week I'm reviewing two Mavala nail colours; Deep Blue (269)* and Peacock Green (191)*. Now I have to admit...when I received these I was not sure they were the colours for me, but once I had them on I thought they were brilliant, especially the blue! It's very dark but yet, it has that lovely metallic tinge to it which is so in this season. 

So let me tell you a little bit about...
Mavala polishes. Part of the Arabesque collection and inspired by AW13 trends these are a nice texture, they're not gloopy and not too thin. I felt that one coat of both the blue and green would've been enough as the colours are very strong, but, because I wanted them to last for as long as possible I applied two coats =) 

They are both strong colours but both have a metallic look to them which is fantastic to liven up plain outfits or great if you're going all out on an SS13 look like the above in the Look website! (Even though these are AW13 colours, they still compliment this season's looks)
Both polishes lasted me a whole week (having also used a base & top coat) which is great because it's always one major repurchase point for me, if it can soundly last at least 5 days with no chipping. These are priced £4.50 in Boots as well which is a great affordable price for a good polish. 

Would definitely re-purchase and try other colours. It's excellent quality for price and there are a wide variety of colours available.

Have you ever tried any Mavala polishes? 



  1. I've not tried it yet! But I'm looking forward to (: This is such a great post sweety! Are we following yet? If not then I'd even love to follow on bloglovin <3

    With love,

    1. Hello there, thanks for stopping by! And sure following you back now via gfc!xx


  2. I love blues and greens on nails and this shade is gorgeous! :) xx

    Adi (

  3. This shade of green is so amazing. :)
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  6. Aww this is such a gorgeous shade! :))


  7. That green is a really great color!


  8. lovely blog! Shall we follow eachother?

  9. Green is my favourite colour! I love that nail polish, looks so pretty.

    Love Daniela (new fan) -

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  10. Love that nail varnish x

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  11. Such a stunning colour. Great concept. I wanna start doing that on my blog.

  12. I love the deepe blue colour! The metallic eyeshadow is also beautiful x

  13. I just love that blue! Great color for nails!
    Follow you back,sweet! :)

  14. that color looks nice! :).. I love your blog design by the way!!
    new follower :D xx

  15. love how it looks

  16. Such a lovely colour:)

  17. i really want these colours now they lookfab xx


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