Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mascara round-up!

Hi beauties! 

I'm so excited, this is my first round-up post! YAY. And my round-up is of....MASCARAS! 
Yes, can't live without a good mascara, so I went on the hunt and never knew that they could actually be so different from one another. Below you will find my rantings, my favourites, not such good points, prices and more! So keep reading...

1). Collection: Killer Curves Lasting Curve & Volume Mascara 
Priced at: £4.99 for me this would be a relatively low budget mascara, but wow is it good! 
The brush is curved (the first of it's kind I've seen) and although the bristles and body itself are quite thick and look quite clumpy, it really does a brilliant job. It automatically spreads lashes out so it looks like you have a lot more lashes than you actually, it defines lashes very well, thickens them and it also lengthens them without clumping which is a big thumbs up. 
My favourite thing about this mascara is the packaging which is lovely and bright and the spread it grants lashes across the eye. Really lovely result and also never smudged. 
I was really impressed with this little mascara as I've tried far more expensive ones which cannot compare.
Definitely recommended.  Collection Cosmetics

2). Lavera Double Black Organic Mascara
Priced at: £14.50 for me it's quite a pricey one BUT it IS organic and that's the price you pay for knowing what you're putting on your lashes.
This is quite different because it's double sided. One side lengthens and the other gives volume. I apply the length side first then volume as I like to stretch my lashes up first and then spread them more evenly. 
My first impressions were: this looks fun =) The bristles on the lengthening side are thinner and more defines whereas the bristles on the volume side are thicker and heavier.
I was really pleased with this mascara, I think it really did the job. The lengthening brush really stretched my lashes up as much as they would go and make them look so long, I love it!! The volume brush is super handy for spreading lashes out and creating definition, they look individualized and not clumped and never smudged. 

Would definitely recommend, there are far more expensive mascaras out in the market which are not as good so it's worth the price tag =) Lavera

3). Green People Volumising Mascara in Black
Priced at: £14.75 this mascara is also certified organic which explains the price-tag =)
This product came presented in a lovely little black box. Presentation for me says a lot about a brand, this presentation tells me that Green People really want to please their customers and have a lot of attention to detail. 
The brush is my favourite type, thin, un-clumped and lots of little defined bristles. My first impressions were that it was a nice looking brush in a nice classy bottle. After using it was evident that this was a good mascara. I really have no complaints, no smudging, lasted all day and it does what it says on the tin...or shall I say bottle? It lengthens well and separates well making lashes look individual and un-clumped. So both volume and length are winners. Can't fault it and would recommend it. 

4). Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl
Priced at £7.99 I'd say this is a pretty averagely priced mascara. My first impressions were that the bristles were very thick and very clumped. The brush bristles were quite large and all stuck together, it didn't look particularly appealing or like it had much definition. When using it, it did the job as a mascara but I found that it was just too clumpy for my liking. Because there were no intervals between the bristles I found it hard to be able to grip lashes individually. It lengthened, but not extraordinarily like others have, and it volumised, but again, nothing amazing. I just felt it was pretty mediocre. For the price I wouldn't recommend it because I think that there are better mascaras out in the market for that price. So yes...not totally impressed...

5). Stargazer MASCARA in Turquoise 
Priced at £3.00 this is the cheapest mascara of the round-up. SUPER budget! My first impressions were that the packaging was effortless and contained no real branding, which is OK I mean it IS only £3. The brush contains quite big bristles with not much definition, HOWEVER, this is not really a lengthening or volumising mascara, it is a coloured mascara, and therefore focusing on that point it does the job pretty well. I was actually surprised at the amount of colour that actually stayed. 
Coloured mascaras are great for sprucing up an everyday look or outfit. Although the length and volume were pretty shabby, as I said this is predominantly just for colouring lashes rather than make them look like Kim Kardashian lashes, so if you're looking for a coloured mascara I'd recommend this one for that, but I wouldn't recommend it as a length/volume enhancing
 mascara as it's far too clumpy for that. Stargazer

6). A.K.A Mascara in Black
Priced at £7.00 I'd say this is an averagely priced product. The packaging is quite clean and simply which is nice. My first impressions were that the brush lacked definition and seemed a bit clumpy but it does work, not wonderfully but hey it's £7. Although it does the job separating lashes, it does a poor job at lengthening them. Instead of providing the 'fake eyelashes' look that a lot of mascaras do and make your lashes almost hit your eyebrows every time you blink it provides a more natural look as the length is not there but the definition and spread of lashes is. 

I have to say there was one thing that particularly put me off this mascara; it was too hard to get off. Quite clumpy and I found myself having to really pull with a facial wipe to get it off.So that was really the biggest downside for me. But maybe that's just me.
If you're looking for a super mascara I wouldn't recommend this one because it's not the whole package. But if you want a natural look and don't want your makeup to look too obvious then this might be worth a go...just use super sensitive eye wipes to get it off =) 

7). Benefit They're Real Mascara
Yes yes! Before you say it, I know I've already reviewed this BUT come on... I can't have a mascara round-up and not include it! I won't rant about it for a second time but if you haven't read my review on it, you can read it here

Have you used any of the mascaras listed above?
What's your favourite out of the ones I featured? 



  1. Never thought of Collection 200 as a good place to get mascaras, but for a budget buy that first one sounds great! Will definitely be giving it a try.
    Love these type of posts :) xox

  2. I might give the collection one a try!

  3. Your eye lashes are amazing!!

  4. This was a really useful post, good read!

    Kimberley x

  5. I might have to give the AKA one a try, looks good xx

  6. Your eyes color are amazing!♥

  7. you have such beatiful eyess im folllowing check my blog out and if you like what you see follow back :)

  8. If I am honest, paying that much for an organic mascara just doesn't appeal to me, but does that make me a bad person? Organic just does not appeal to me!
    I will say, however, that it does look lovely on you, and for that reason I would probably buy it haha!

    Catherine x


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