Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mixed Chicks straight trio

Hi beauties! 

Today I'm reviewing Mixed Chicks*' Hair silk serum, shampoo and deep conditioner. 
When I first heard about this brand I thought that it only specialized in very curly hair only. The name, amount of curl related products and the celeb following all seemed to indicate that, however, when having a real browse I was pleasantly surprised that it also caters for the poker straights like myself! 

Mixed Chicks originates from the USA and is used by many famous celebs such as Alesha Dixon, Hale Berry, Ciara and Macy Gray. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about...
This trio! Both the shampoo & conditioner are sulphate-free and the brand does not test on animals. Always a massive thumbs up from me!  The shampoo & conditioner came in little trial/travel sizes and reminded me of pillows because of the shape. I've used them a few times, the shampoo 'pillow' last me for two washes but the conditioner only one. So I'd say it's pretty good value for money if you're holidaying. 
The shampoo is very silky and think but lathers a LOT which is good. Also, I get quite messy when washing my head which means most of the time I end up tangling my hair really badly, but that didn't happen with this product. Hair staying completely tangle-free.
The conditioner had a slightly thicker texture and I used more because my hair is long and needs quite a lot. Both shampoo & conditioner were odorless when washing, however, when the hair had been blow-dryed I was left with a really pleasant clean/floral scent. I do quite like a scent in my hair so I was very pleased. The shampoo is priced at £11.95 for 300ml which to me is inexpensive for a quality shampoo, and the conditioner is £10.95 for 300ml, again good quality for money. 

 The Hair silk serum is priced at £11.95 for 50ml. Like the other two products I find thi s quite good quality for money because the serum you only use a little bit of at a time so it will last you for ages! So this is supposed to give your hair a feel of silk and smooth it. I can't fault it! It does what it says, smooths hair, it's not heavy and non-greasy and makes hair feel UBER soft and shiny. It's got a little bit of a scent, like the other two products. It said you can apply to scalp but I chose not too given the oily nature of my scalp!


I would re-purchase these, especially the travel packs as the fact that you can get two washes out of one 'pillow' will save you some dosh, and when used together these three do leave hair feeling and looking extremely nourished. I'm glad I found out about this brand and hope that they grow even more in the U.K.

Have you heard of Mixed Chicks? 


  1. Those "pillows" are adorable! What sized bottles do they retail? I've been looking for a non-greasy serum to replace my discontinued John Frieda one (angry face) but this looks great. Did it solve flyaways, or did you not apply high enough to find out?

    1. Haha thank you! Not tried John frieda but if you're looking for a replacement this can make a good one.
      I have layers starting at the him so I applied that high and seems to have sorted all strays who like to stick out haha x

  2. aw ace post my hair desperately needs some TLC will have to check them out- cute packaging too (so easily sold ;)) lovely blog haveeee started following! xxoxoxox

  3. Hello! :) I love your photography and blog ! I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Also on bloglovin, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr and even lookbook if you want :3 <3


  4. I haven't heard of Mixed Chicks before! It's great to hear that the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free. The hair silk looks really nice too- who wouldn't want smooth and silky hair? :P Followed you back lovely!


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