Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Miss Patisserie: Bath Fizzy Sweets Review

Hi beauties, 

How are we this fine Wednesday? I wanted to introduce you to some CUTE bath fizzies by Miss Patisserie*These are the cutest things around! Whether you want to indulge in the perfect bubble bath or you're stuck for present ideas; here it is! Miss Patisserie is your friend. I will most definitely be buying some of these to take abroad to my relatives this summer. 

I was sent the lovely Sweet Pea mini cupcake £4.50 and a cute lolly £3.30. As you can see, these are relatively inexpensive. The presentation is really good and the cupcake boxes are adorable  and make for really good present gift packaging. 

How to...
It's easy! Jut drop it in your bath water. One fizzy per bath. Also, once the bottom has dissolved (cupcakes only) you can use the top to exfoliate your skin with. The cupcake fizzes into the water very quickly and the smell is quite delicate but yet noticeable and pleasant. Not overly strong. The cupcake is also good for exfoliating as again, the smell is quite pleasant and the exfoliating feel is there, but it's not aggressive or harsh on the skin. 
The same applies to the lolly. The lolly's scent was I have to say nicer as it had a citrus-like, sweeter smell. It also dissolved quickly and appeared to have a finer texture in the water as compared to the cupcake. 

Both were really lovely. I would definitely re-purchase for myself and others as a gift as these bath sweets make for great pampering. Recommended to anyone with a bath :)


  1. they look like I could eat them let alone put them in the bath lol

    1. Haha that's true. I half to hold back a real urge to bite it!! X

  2. I always enjoy discovering new bath companies, LUSH is so overrated in my opinion!

  3. These are so cute! Definitely want to trey these out :)

    Hannah x

  4. These are adorable! You take lovely pictures, what software so you edit them on?


    1. Thank you so much Chloe! I use it's really good! x

  5. This stuff looks so cute! I love your blog :)
    xo Raquel

  6. Wow Those Look Good Enough To Eat!!
    Thank You For Following My Blog!
    Following Yours Now, Too ;)
    Have A Fab Day!

  7. The cupcake looks so cute! We bought something similar for my other half's nans birthday and she couldn't believe they were for the bath as they were so pretty lol
    Kirsty x


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