Monday, 20 May 2013

NOTW: Kure Bazaar Kerria Polish

Hi beauties,

Happy Monday! Or not =) I would like to present my NOTW this week -  Kure Bazaar!*
Now, I had never heard of this brand before, but as I love polishes I am always willing to try new ones. 

I went for 'Kerria' which is a lovely not overly bright but not pasty yellow. This is a fantastic colour for summer, and will complement a tan like no other. Although the nails in the first picture (iPhone quality sorry) look really bright the colour is actually more like the second picture - a lovely, warm, sunny yellow.

The consistency was quite thick, so be careful when applying it, make sure you clean the brush on the sides a couple of times before applying to the nail or it will be hard to dry. Despite the consistency, the drying time is quite quick anyway. I applied 2 layers to get the best colour. This last a good 5-6 days before it began chipping so I was quite impressed with the duration, especially as I find that thick polish chips away quicker. 

The only downsides are as I said is the consistency - it's quite thick, BUT if you apply it carefully then it won't look so piled on. I will definitely re-visit this polish in sunnier days because it's a beautiful colour. And also the price £14.95 I think that it's quite pricey for a polish given that premium brands such as OPI and Nails Inc cost around the £12 mark. But, you are paying for 85% natural ingredients so if you're a green fanatic, price shouldn't matter =)

So lastly what makes Kure polish different?...

Well I think you're going to love this one. IT'S SUPER NATURAL! That's right! A non toxic polish. Kure polishes contain up to 85% natural ingredients based on cotton, wood pulp, wheat, potatoes and corn. If you're a regualr Glamourtricks reader you will know that I LOVE natural products. I think that there is SO much choice out in the market at the moment and most natural products can do the same job a 90% un-natural product can and they are better for you, so why the heck not? 

Happy with the polish, would love to try more colours in the future, however, not sure I would re-purchase because of the price! 

Have you ever tried Kure Bazaar? 

Available at Big Green Smile  

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand. But it looks great & i love the colour.
    Rebecca x
    Ze Makeup


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