Monday, 27 May 2013

SMask Korean Caviar Mask

Hi beauties, 

Today I'm reviewing an intriguing mask for you! I love face masks, I think they're a crucial part of everyone's skin routines. They act as pick-me-ups for tired/dull skin and infuse all the lost nutrients back into the skin. So, not only am I reviewing a mask for you, I'm reviewing a Korean caviar mask - intriguing right?! 

SMask is a Korean caviar mask*. These are of a jelly-like consistency, quite thick and wet - so I'm not going to lie, they don't feel exactly comfortable. They're made of a silicone film which allows the ingredients to slowly dissolve into the skin - this means that the ingredients also penetrate deeper into the skin. The fact that it's caviar is enriched in ketocarotenoid astaxanthin which reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots as well as improve the skin's elasticity and moisture. 

So I have tried 2 so far as the pack supplied 3 and I have to say I was impressed! This mask needs to be left on for 20-30 minutes which for me was a downfall. Not because I mind long masks, but because as the consistency of this one is a sticky jelly face form, it needs to stick to your face and that only happens if you lay down, so you have to be laying down for 20-30 minutes - which for me as a mask is just too long. 
However, the results are pretty amazing. My skin was left really really soft, softer than with most masks, and it also felt a little wet at first when I removed the mask - however I let it dry to allow all the nutrients to seep in. 

Three masks cost £19.95 which is pretty pricey for only three uses. The results are very good though and you do feel like you get a spa-at-home result and feel. I would highly recommend this mask to anyone whose skin is seriously dehydrated or lacking a little bit of TLC as this is a fantastic spa-like pick me up. The price is the only thing that will stop me from purchasing it again. BUT...SMask also does this same mask but for eyes which I would like to buy and give it a whirl as my eyes are sometimes dry and could definitely use some extra hydration.

Have you ever tried anything like this?


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  2. Like the sound of this my skin is extremely dry a bit pricy but if they work then less than £7 each is cheaper than a facial at the local salon

    Carrieanne x

  3. Sounds great, Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours on GFC and Bloglovin


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