Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekend Holiday Beauty Must-Haves!

Hi beauties, 

Hope you're all having a fab weekend! Last month I went away to Amsterdam for 3 days with my boyfriend. It was my first weekend abroad and I was a little unsure how many beauty products to take and which ones! So I thought I'd make a post to let you know what I decided to take and why, just to tell you my experience in case you're in the same predicament! =)

1). Boots Cleansing wipes - A MUST item. The quickest way to wipe makeup off at night or smudged eyeliner/mascara. I wanted to do things quickly rather than properly, with a proper makeup removing cleanser. So yes! Definitely take wipes if it's a short trip. 

2). White Glo Toothbrush set* - Another MUST have! This is a really quirky kit, you get a toothbrush, travel-sized white glo whitening toothpaste and a set of floss! All in one tiny little zippy bag, really convenient for keeping all your teeth cleaning regime hygienically together. This is only available from Morrissons or Boots airport branches.And for £2.99, what a BARGAIN!

3). Hairband - You will need this if you have a fringe and long hair like myself! Keep hair out of your face either when sleeping or washing your face, and in the shower too! I always need a hairband and it's so small and convenient you can even take it in your coat pocket! 

4). Macadamia Vent Hairbrush - I love this brush! It's marvelous for drying hair, and it's such a good quality that it makes you realize how important a good hairbrush is. As this is my favourite hairbrush, of course, I was going to bring it along! Macadamiahair

5). Ted Baker body wash - Weekend holidays are always the perfect time to say goodbye to all the minis you get from beauty kits/hampers at Christmas! My little beauty hamper last Christmas was a Ted Baker one, and the body wash actually smells divine, so this was the perfect trip to actually use it all up! So if you have any mini body washes - now's the time! And you'll save some dosh too. Alternatively, you can also buy these separately from most Boots stores. 

6). Batiste Dry Shampoo - Although Batiste isn't my favourite dry shampoo brand, I had a travel-sized one knocking around and decided to take it. I did use it because I didn't wash my hair as the hair-dryer in the hotel was really crappy and it would've taken me hours to blow-dry my very long hair. I would highly advise in always taking a dry shampoo with you - it can fit in your bag and it's indispensable as you never know when you'll need it! 

7). Mixed Chicks Shampoo & Conditioner 'pillows'* - These are great for taking on travels as they're small and very easy to pack. I bought a combo of 3 shampoo & 3 conditioner bits for myself and my boyfriend. He washed his hair everyday so made good use of it whereas I didn't. It was probably a waste taking the conditioner as neither of us used it but, I would still take a travel-sized shampoo & conditioner because the way the Mixed Chicks hair-care is packaged is so small that you will always find a little slot to pack them in, and you never know whether you'll need to wash your hair or not. 

8). Smooch Kookie Crumble Blusher* - I love Smooch cosmetics and decided to take this little blusher because unlike my other blushers, this one comes with a small compact mirror. This was the main reason for choosing this above all other blushers - this way I could travel lighter everyday and not have to carry a mirror  in my handbag everyday because the Smooch has a built in mirror. I would advise doing this if you too have blushers/powders with compact-mirrors as it'll save space. £8.50 Smooch

9). I bought mini travel-set from Boots for £3.00 which was a bargain. It came with a small zippy bag and little 50 and 100ml pots and bottles. I kept most of the liquids like face serum and hair oil as well as eye drops! YES! EYE DROPS! As I have hayfever my eyes can sometimes get easily irritated and tired, taking some allergy eye drops ensure that if I need them they're there. Again, for me this is a must as you never know when you'll need them - and as it's such a tiny bottle how can you not make space for it? 

10). Superdry Lip Fix* - As I love Superdry fashion and was sent this to try in the 'watermelon' fragrance I thought why not? This was a constant hand-bag must as it really nourishes lips and tastes and smells fantastic! I would definitely recommend a good lip balm wherever you go and Lip Fix was my choice for this travel. Needless to say - I was not disappointed! £6.00 Superdry

11). Dove Deodorant - Must I say anything else? Deodorant is a must! I bought a normal sized one as I couldn't find any travel-sized roll-on deodorants. But deodorants are quite small anyway so packing it wasn't a problem. 

12). Mavala Double-lash Night Serum - I only took this to keep up my every-day evening routine, but frankly, for only 3 days I think you can afford to give it a miss. If you have the space go for it, if not, this is definitely a leaver! 

13). Yon-Ka Phyto-Contour Eye Cream - Because this eye cream has such strong Rosemary extracts it's fantastic for waking eyes up in the morning. I can't not have this with me every morning and evening, so if you have an eye cream you really really love, do take it with you. I can't live without mine! Yon-Ka

14). Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - This was my face wash. As I said, I didn't take a proper makeup cleanser just wipes. As this was travel-sized it was perfect to help remove the bits of makeup the wipes missed as it has an exfoliating effect. A cleanser and exfoliator in 1 instead of 2. Cuts the baggage space and does the job! Highly recommended. 

15). Macadamia Travel-sized shampoo - I took this one more for me, whereas the Mixed Chicks shampoo was more for the boyfriend. Again - would recommend taking even if you think you're not going to need it. Only because it's small and space can definitely be made for it. Again - you never know what will happen and when you will need it. 

I think everything I took was reasonable. It seems like a lot, but it did all fit in a tiny-sized Glossybox box, so it wasn't that bad right? I think 2 sets of shampoo was too much and the lash serum totally unnecessary  so will give those a miss next time, but I think I did pretty well as I used pretty much everything and was prepared for all the bad moments - luckily I gave them a miss though! 

What do you take away on a weekend trip?  


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I always seem to take way to many things away with me. That's really good if you managed to fit it all into the Glossybox! I love going and getting lots of miniatures of things before I go away, it's a good way to test out products you haven't used before.

    Hannah x

    1. That's very true Hannah! I took all the minis I had that I hadn't used or wanted to finish but I think in the summer I'll get minis from brands I haven't tried!

      When I got for a week or more I do take so much stuff as well :) xx

  2. Dry shampoo is a absolute must! I am not sure how I ever went away with out in. I find it good for when I went away with a boyfriend and didn't want them to see me with dripping wet hair!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I have to say you're a pretty good packer - whenever I travel I either bring not nearly enough or way too much (mostly the latter of course). ;-) x

  4. Great post, i really want that macadamia brush now :) xx
    Rebecca from

  5. I love the idea of the little shampoo and conditioner pillows! I hate carrying shampoo and conditioner - I'm always so scared it's going to explode all over my bag! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  6. Like your blog. Check out mine:

    Kiss Selma


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