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Light Summer Packing!


Hi beauties,

First I'd like to apologize for the inactivity. I've been on holiday in Portugal for 2 weeks see and therefore decided to unlike many other holiday packing posts I've seen, write mine up after rather than before. In the images above you will see some items I took with me and a lot of items I have left out. The reason for not including every beauty item I took is to keep this packing know-how to the bare minimum as I over-packed like so many of us do, therefore, I thought it was a good idea to narrow the beauty side down to the BARE necessities I would choose to take, had I not been able to take everything!

Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Long-Lasting Makeup Fixing Spray*:
This is really small and can fit into anyone's bag or hand luggage and for me, if you wear make-up to the beach, it's a must-take. This spray helps to hold your makeup in place for longer. It works more on foundation than eye makeup though, so don't start getting overly excited. If you're wearing little makeup or just like wearing it to the beach and want it to hold - this is your best holiday buddy! A few sprays over your makeup and this little one dries in seconds, leaving makeup secured and lasting all day long. £5.99 Boots

Proactiv Solution Sheer Cover Mineral Powder*:
If you want to wear light makeup, a powder is always a must. I love powder, it complements skin, it gives a flawless finish, and it covers up nicely. Powder also allows skin to look matte at all times, and we know how embarrassing it is to have a shiny face; especially in the heat! The reason for choosing the Proactiv one is that unlike the powders I use on a daily basis this one easily adapts to whatever skin colour, therefore, when my face tans, I won't have to worry that my makeup will look ghostly on me. £13.95 Proactiv.

Status Quo Organic Protecting Leave in Spray*:
When I go on holiday, I like prep time to be minimal. However, I was aware that my hair would take a lot of damage from the sun and sea water. Instead of taking a leave in cream or conditioner, I opted to take this fruity smelling spray instead. This was hair was protected, smelled great and as a spray - it took seconds to apply rather than a cream with which I would've had to devote at least 5 minutes to distributing and lathering the hair with. This really was a little life-saver on my hair as it tamed the roughness and dryness caused by the sea. £11.95 Organic Colour Systems 

MUA Eye Shadow Palette:
Ignore the fact that the lid has been burnt and is therefore deformed. I blame the hairdryer. I decided to take this little palette because it's cheap, small and multi-functional. Great for doing some quick makeup when going out in the evening, or brightening up the eyes for a day in the city. A must-take if you're a busy bee, and want to be prepared for all occasions! £4.00 MUA

SuperDry Nail File*:
I wanted to do my nails while on holiday. As I went for 2 weeks I knew after 1 week, nails would have to be painted and most likely filed/cut. A file occupies virtually no space in your suitcase so it's simple. Take one! Ooh and a good one at that, last thing you need is to stress over poorly done nails. £2.00 SuperDry

SKN: Anti-Blemish Intense Spot Lotion:
Nothing is more annoying than a spot interfering with your holiday. Taking a trusty spot cream/lotion/stick is an absolute must. My favourite spot remover is the SKN anti-blemish lotion, it literally decreases the size and redness straight away. Leave it on overnight and voila! No more worries. This is a high priority item to pack in my opinion. £15.00 SKN Clinics (Also available in big boots stores)

Moroccan Oil Treatment*:
Nothing revives hair like this. Following the Status Quo Treatment I would sometimes (every other wash) use this on top as I got a lot of split ends while on holiday. Alternatively, I also used this after shampooing once or twice, so make my hair as smooth as possible. I didn't take my straighteners because my hair is very straight as it is anyway, but I wanted to ensure it stayed smooth by using an oil treatment like Moroccan oil so that styling was not needed. However, I would recommend taking a smaller bottle :) Moroccan Oil

Nivea Creme:
I was quite upfront about knowing that I would most likely get sun burnt, and if not me, my boyfriend definitely would. Taking a trusty intensely hydrating cream for those 'OUCH skin peeling' moments is an absolute must. You can't afford not to take or not to buy one of these when you're abroad. The Nivea creme is a favourite of mine. Small and easy to pack, this is a complete life saver and it saved me many nights of turning in bed in pain with my fragile skin. It also really helps with skin peeling. Definitely in the top 3 to take...If I had a top 3! £1.50 Boots

Batiste Medium-Dark Brown Dry Shampoo:
Come on, I carry this in my handbag on a daily basis, of course I was going to pack it for the holidays too! Very handy when you're too knackered to wash your hair. I used this a good 3-4 times while on holiday because I didn't want to keep washing my hair everyday after the beach, but I also wanted to bring back the volume at the crown and the look of freshness. Another one for the top 3 list. £2.99 Boots

SPF 15, 20, 30, 50 Protection By: La Roche Posay, Nivea, UltraSun, Piz Buin, Korres*:
I'm only going to speak of SPF's in general here as I'll be writing a full review on all of the above SPF creams/sprays which I took on holiday with me. For now, I just wanted to briefly mention - KNOW your SPF. We went through all of these pretty quickly to be honest and found that some were better than others. I definitely prefer spray to cream for example. Finally, don't underestimate the sun. I would suggest always taking a lower level SPF like 15 or 20 and a higher one like 50. That way, you're prepared for however your skin decides to take the sun. Full SPF review up soon!

Neal & Wolf Elevate*:
I didn't blow dry my hair or style it at all while away, simply because it was hot that hair dried pretty quickly on it own anyway. Because my hair is very straight, it can also become flat at the roots. So I took my absolute favourite hair buddy - elevate! Apply a little of this gel cream onto the roots and BOOM! You got yourself a voluminous head of hair. If you don't suffer from lack of volume, I would advise simply taking your best hair friend - the one you really can't live without! £11.95 Neal & Wolf.

Face Wipes:
When I'm on holiday (this is going to sound bad) I want to spend as little time on beauty as possible. Wipes are the best and quickest way of getting all your makeup off. I'll admit, they're not the best, but I think for 2 weeks it's worth it! (I bought these in Portugal so can't tell you the stockist of price)

Santhilea Magnetic Lashes*:
Even though I took a lot of makeup; bronzer, eyeliner, blusher, powder, foundation etc etc. I thought it would make sense to include one makeup related product that next to my foundation I can't go without. In my case, it's a good mascara. For this I chose the best mascara in the world. San's magnetic lashes! £24.99 Santhilea London

Garnier Ambre Solaire Bronzing Oil:
My skin got really dry and began peeling at the beginning. I bought this one in Portugal after feeling that my after-sun creams lovely as they were, were not going to help me maintain the tan I had achieved, so I decided to buy this bronzing oil. Best decision EVER!
This oil was like love to my skin. It smoothed the dry skin and made it invisible as the skin was matted down and happily nourished. It also left my skin repaired, glowing with a tan and very very soft. The best remedy for dry skin I could get my hands on.
I couldn't find this one in the UK sadly, but I will investigate further and attempt to find a similar oil as I am still using this oil to keep up my tan now that I'm back at home.

Have you ever used any of the above.
What's your packing strategy? 

I now leave you with some holiday snaps! 


  1. Love the photos, looks like you had an amazing holiday :-) We love the 'Status Quo Organic Protecting Leave in Spray' too. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    x Roch & Tash x


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