Wednesday, 31 July 2013

NOTW: China Glaze

Hi beauties,

I love my nails this week. I've been trying out the China Glaze jelly and crème.
These work together beautifully, and they also work very well separately. Whichever way you want to wear them. I worn the jelly nails in 1219 'Are you jelly?' and the crème nails in 1215 'That's shore bright' 

Jelly nails...
The jelly polish is of a glossy, shiny, light consistency and it works like your ordinary every day polish. Alternatively, you can add a dash to your crime polish  to add some extra gloss and colour to your manicure. RRP: £6.95

Crème nails...
The crème polish has a a mattifying effect. It's not glossy or shiny and it's meant to be worn as an opaque colour instead. However, as mentioned above, you can add a coat of the jelly polish if you wanted to brighten up the colour a little bit. 

This was my first experience using China Glaze polish and I have to admit that I'm impressed. I think that compared to huge brands like OPI, China Glaze is of a far better quality. The polishes stay on pretty much a whole week if you add a layer of top coat, and the consistency is not too runny nor gloopy, so your manicure is done in minutes with no fuss, and the polishes are fast-drying. It's a full thumbs up from me on this brand. RRP: £6.95

I have to say, I normally wear rather standard polish colours such as pinks, nudes or reds. I don't get complimented that often, but I was complimented all week long when I had this colour on because it stood out to much and looked so good. I LOVE being complimented on my beauty so I was over the moon of course! 

Will definitely repurchase other colours again. Quality is awesome and the prize is extremely reasonable. Given that the colours are gorgeous, it's easily accessible to buy via websites like BeautyBay, and the quality and price are fab, I will definitely recommend this to anyone over overrated brands like OPI. And I will most definitely be buying more colours from China Glaze! 

Have you ever tried China Glaze? What did you think? 

China Glaze also available from EntityUK / BeautyBay


  1. I've never tried a China Glaze polish but they look amazing!

    Hannah x

  2. Both those China Glaze polishes look so pretty. I love purple so these are great!! :D

    xoxo, charlene


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