Saturday, 24 August 2013

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Revitalizing Hair Masque

Hi beauties! 

I wanted to share my review of Arbonne's Pure Vibrance Revitalizing Hair Masque* which I reviewed while on holiday in July. I chose to take this masque with me on holiday because I knew that my hair would suffer from dryness and become extremely tangled and hard to brush/manage thanks to the sun and sea water, so I wanted to take a revitalizing, nourishing masque to see how it could help. 

The deeply penetrating masque claims to soften and restore the hair's strength and lustre by replacing moisture destroyed due to damage done to the hair. The masque works on fortifying the hair's strands to retain colour and nourishment. Key ingredients in this product are: Argain Oil, Rice, Artichoke and Hawaiian White Ginger Root. 

My thoughts
The masque did what it said on the tin. It definitely softened my hair and helped me keep it smooth, tangle-free and nourished. Before washing it, my hair always felt really ragged, dry and impossible to brush. After applying the masque I noticed that my hair became softer, smoother and shinier, making it a lot easier to style. The masque basically revitalized by tired hair and brought it back to its healthy condition.

The masque itself felt very gooey, a little bit gluey at first, I believe this was due to the fact it was very, very thick, a few fingertips of it pretty much engulfed my hair in it completely which is rare as my hair is very long and I often need about 2 hand-fulls to cover my entire hair. I left the masque on my hair in the shower for about 5 minutes before removing and felt that that was enough to feel the effects.

I really enjoyed using this masque and felt that it really did help my hair while away, it was also why I didn't feel the need to take lots of hair products because the masque fully restored my hair to its normal healthy condition making it easy for me to just continue my holiday without having to worry about heat protection etc.
I would recommend this masque to anyone needing to seriously turn their hair condition around, the masque is incredibly thick (in a positive way) and very nourishing. A must-have pick-me-up hair product!
RRP: £30.00. This may sound pricey but when compared to other luxury hair masques from brands such as Macadamia and Moroccan Oil, the price is pretty much the same. You are paying for a luxury brand after all!

Have you ever tried this masque? What's your favourite hair masque?


  1. i think this is not available locally here. such a bummer ;(

    1. Hey Hazel,

      It should be available near you, you just need to check here: xx

  2. Thank you, I found your review very helpful.

  3. Do you use this in place of hair conditioner? Thanks!

    1. Yep! If you use a masque you don't need a conditioner x


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