Monday, 5 August 2013

L'Anza Healing Remedy Scalp Care Review

Hi beauties, 

I have been reviewing this L'Anza NEW Healing Remedy trio which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and balancing spray treatment for quite some time.
Following my experience with the lovely L'Anza treatment oil, I jumped at the opportunity of trialling this new product - especially as I have always been plagued by dandruff. 

A few years ago when dandruff hit me, I tried many brands to try and solve the problem, from Head & Shoulders to expensive Neutrogena shampoos that smelled horrible and even then I had only ever found one brand that worked which was Redken. However, Redken doesn't have the most appealing of fragrances so I was always on the look out to find another product which worked as well but also had other added benefits - low and behold here it is! 

This fabulous trio of products work in perfect unison. They instantly clear all signs of dandruff from the very first wash and leave hair smelling absolutely divine. 

1). The shampoo lathers up very well so you don't need a lot. It has a luxurious scent, not fruity or aromatic, more like a nice, expensive designer perfume. The flakiness is cleared away from the scalp relatively quickly and leaves it feeling really fresh and soothed, itchiness is gone after the first wash and the hair doesn't feel roughed up or tangled. Because this shampoo uses L'Anza's keratin system, it also heals damage done to hair which is an added bones as it will keep hair in top shape! 

Conatins: Papaya, Shiso Mint & other natural purifiers to gently eliminate flakes & other impurities, restoring complete wellness to hair & scalp. Sulfate-free, gluten-free, sodium chloride-free & Paraben-free formula.

2). The conditioner, just like the shampoo, smoothes hair and makes it super manageable to de-tangle and comb through. Smells just as lush as the shampoo and unlike many dandruff products doesn't make the hair look dull and weighed down. Hair still retains bounce, volume and shine. Also, as a conditioner, this product has the added benefit of hydrating Coconut Water & nurturing Lavender Oil helps to calm & comfort, while balancing scalp’s moisture level. Keratin Healing System replen- ishes vital Keratin Protein, allowing hair to look its healthiest best. This sodium chloride-free, gluten-free & paraben-free formula. 

3). This is the unexpected product. I have never seen a third to any other dandruff care product regime. This little spray basically soothes & rehydrates the scalp!! With the finest nurturing botanical ingredients. It makes your head feel really refreshing and stops dandruff from building up. It's the perfect SOS product because as a spray, you won't use a lot of is, so if you ever run out of anti-dandruff shampoo and need to wash with a normal one, apply this to your scalp after washing and it will prevent the dandruff from returning, because for me, it only takes two washes with a non-dandruff shampoo for my scalp to get irritated again.  Also free from parabens, gluten & sodium chloride. RRP: 

I would re-purchase again with no doubt, however, the price is just too much for me. All 3 retail at £74.90 and although they are fantastic I just wouldn't pay that much for a shampoo, conditioner and spray, especially as there are other products out there which are much cheaper and do the same job. (i.e. the Redken shampoo I mentioned which might not smell as nice, but gets the job done) 

However, both FeelUnique and the Gorgeous shop are doing an introductory offer of all three products for £59.95. All three products have been individually reduced to match the introductory price.  Alternatively, you can buy them separately as well. If I was to re-purchase anything it would be the spray by itself which retails at in Beauty Bay at £24.50.

Have you every tried anything by L'Anza, or do you also suffer from dandruff? 

BeautyBay / Feel Unique / Gorgeous Shop


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