Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Christmas and all year-round packing with Direct

                                               Hi beauties! 

Are you flying somewhere nice for Christmas? I would love to spend Christmas away somewhere snowy just once in my lifetime. I'm sure I will end up doing it, much to my family's discontent, but I would love to try it. Eating out somewhere different and just spending the day cosy in a luxury hotel with the boyfriend. Anyway, enough day-dreaming. Flying brings me to the subject of flying and packing. 

I've found a great luggage website called Direct Luggage. They have over 100,000 happy customers and some fantastic luggage bag designs that will really make you want to switch up your luggage bag style. I used to think luggage was just a pointless item to buy. I never saw the need to spend a lot of money on a luggage bag because I though, 'well, I'll only use it a couple of times a year.' BIG mistake! 
Having been through about 4 in the last 2-3 years I've come to the conclusion it's best to invest on a sturdy one that'll last you for ages. Yes, spending £100-150 may seem a bit steep but I've probably spent over that in rubbish luggage bags over the last 3 years. I've bought bags where the wheels have come off, the top (lid) has caved in and never recuperated back into the straight position, where it's gotten massively dirty (thanks to the rubbish textile material) and unrecognisable etc. 

As I've come across, I thought I'd share with you some of their nicest and most durable luggage bags. These come in all shapes and sizes. Small, medium, large and extra large. 

Members Miro Printed Hardshell 4 Wheel Spinner in Butterfly Print Available in sizes 57cm-77cm. 
57cm £69.95 /// 67cm £79.95 /// 77cm £89.95 /// Set of 3 £230.95. 
Members Miro Printed Hardshell 4 Wheel Spinner in Multi Butterflies Print . Available in sizes 57-77cm. 
57cm £69.95 /// 67cm £79.95 /// 77cm £89.95 / Set of 3 £230.95. 
Wenger Suitcase with Wheels. Available in sizes 20", 24" and 28". 
20" £129.99 / 24" £149.99 / 28" £169.99.
Samsonite Aeris Spinner 82. £209.00
Lulu Guinness Lips Spinner Trolley Case in Pink. Available in sizes 55cm, 61cm and 71cm. 
55cm £195.00 / 61cm £225.00 / 71cm £245.00 

These are all hard-case extremely durable, spinner bags. I believe that these provide the most fuss-free way of packing and travelling as the hardbacks are extremely durable. Also, they're all 4 wheelers and you have NO idea how much more comfortable that makes them to drag around. You don't get an arm ache from having to drag it behind you at all times, you can comfortably push it alongside you which makes life easier when you have about a billion other things in your hands! 

Direct Luggage also stocks a series of travel must-have accessories like luggage bag locks, tags, power adapters, neck rest pillows and more. Just in case you like killing two birds with one stone and getting all your travel equipment from the same place. 

Where do you get your luggage from? 

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