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Professional Beauty Research; Epilight New Skin Clinics

                                            Hi beauties! 
As most of you will know, I'm a huge skin enthusiast, mostly due to the fact that I have bad skin and am always on the lookout for new skin remedies, products and non-evasive procedures to better skin problems. So when I came across Epilight I thought I'd share the knowledge. 
The main reason for sharing this is because having looked for skin treatments such as acne-scarring laser treatments and microdermabrasion, I feel like very often when researching for clinics I was very limited to the big franchise names such as Transform and SK:N which are the bigger skin clinic names in the UK. It's always good to know that there are other smaller, and potentially cheaper, yet just as good clinics out there across the UK. 
Epilight New Skin is an aesthetic treatment clinic based in Liverpool. This clinic specializes in aesthetic solutions for optimum skin health. The range of skin treatments available at Epilight really is vast.
These include:

- Ultherapy (the ultrasound facial lifting and skin tightening and facial sculpting)
- Photo-rejuvenation
- IPL for redness, broken capillaries, eed vein and pigment removal
- Sun damage removal
- Pixel laser skin resurfacing
- Wrinkle treatments and injections
- Tattoo removal
- Thread vein & other leg vein removal
- Acne treatment and scar treatment
- Accent radio frequency face & body tightening
- Dermal fillers for treating lines, wrinkles, facial volume loss
- Botox injections
- Hyper Hydrosis treatment (excessive sweating)
- The new Ulthera ultrasound treatment for face lifting and treating under-eye bags
Among all of these skin treatments they also do many other body treatments and non-skin related procedures such as hair removal, lipo sculpture, pro-shock liposuction, meso-therapy and more. 
I am a big advocate of small non-evasive procedures. I don't think I could have anything done that involved an operating table, but I think that small procedures like the above can definitely boost confidence and make people happier, so I'm all for it. However, these treatments are often quite expensive, but Epilight often has offers and package deals to help you look great for less, it's just a case of regularly checking the website. 
Non-surgical “lunchtime” treatments are extremely popular nowadays as they involve very little or no downtime. I'm especially interested in the Pixel laser skin resurfacing treatment and/or the radio frequency treatment which are great for acne scarring, which one is best for me would depend on what the experts have to say. My scarring is not huge, it's mostly redness here and there from spots past so I would image the most minimal treatment would do for me. However, the beauty of Epilight is that their experts can tailor a treatment program especially for you and your needs according to your budget. So it might be that you would benefit from radio frequency and a rosacea treatment to target your specific problem and deliver the best results. 
Having a look at the Pixel laser resurfacing for example, I'm really glad to see that results can be obtained within 2-4 treatments. This would probably be the case for me as my scarring is minimal. 2-4
treatment is definitely worth paying for if it gets me out of wearing heavy foundation every single day.
If you're still in doubt, or you're a little bit of a scardy cat, why not take a look at their videos to ensure yourself that there is absolutely nothing to fear. You can also take a look at their testimonials and learn about dozens of people who wish they had done their treatments sooner!  

I think it's very important to fully research as many clinics as possible and as many versions of the same treatment as possible before committing to doing it and I am glad that I could do this research for you. The great thing about research is that you get to find out more about the clinics themselves. Epilight for example has appeared in 'Best of Liverpool' magazine for their Ultherapy treatment which was described by Channel 4's Anna Richardson as 'well worth it.'

Have you ever had any of the above treatments? Will you be checking out Epilight? 
Epilight New Skin Clinic / 0151 709 0099

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  1. It’s a very interesting post you have shared. I agree to that there is no harm in having small tweaking for skin rejuvenation like Botox Belfast to keep the skin young and fresh.


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