Monday, 18 November 2013

BeautyWorks Ombre Extensions Review


                                               Hi beauties! 
I think it's safe to say that ombre/dip-dye has really taken the world by storm since the summer, and it's still going strong throughout the winter with people opting for darker shades or pastels. Ombre hair has really become a sensation almost every girl wants to experience, at least once! I'm of course, no exception. I have extremely long, thick and healthy hair and the last thing I want to do is to start dying it again. So instead I decided to get some ombre clip-in extensions to try this look on first without the full dye commitment. I was very kindly sent the 20" Weft 4/27 brunette ombre clip-on extensions* by BeautyWorks online and I'm keen to share my results with you. 

My thoughts...
Made out of double drawn 100% Remy human hair, the hair quality is excellent. The extensions are really long and thick and have not tangled or had hairs falling off since I've had them so I'm very impressed with the quality. The colour match is also excellent, it really blended in perfectly with my hair. 

The only downside to these extensions is that they come in only 3 pieces. Two big 4 clip pieces and one small 3 clip piece. I found that because the two 4 clip pieces were the same size and very wide, in order to wear them comfortably  I could only attach one piece, as two of a very wide size made them uncomfortable and heavy. However, the images I took were using all 3 pieces (so that I could get the best ombre effect) if I was to have only worn one of the bigger pieces and the smaller piece, the ombre effect wouldn't have been as obvious. 
I would have much preferred if the hair had been divided into multiple pieces. One bigger piece for the bottom, followed by one or two medium-small pieces and 2-4 smaller pieces so that you could clip these to the sides of your head. 
I think it's a really big shame that they come like this as it has disappointed me somewhat. 

If you're looking for no commitment ombre extensions are the way to go. You can wear them whenever you want without having to compromise your own locks. If you like changing your style every so often, it's definitely worth having a pair of these. 
Would I re-purchase? I would definitely re-purchase ombre extensions again, however, I wouldn't purchase the BeautyWorks ones again, because as prices start from £105, for that amount I just thought 3 pieces were not enough. They didn't allow for the extensions to be worn comfortably. I could probably get the same quality extensions in several more pieces for the same price or less. 

Have you tried ombre extensions? 

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