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                                           Hi beauties! 

I think either all or most of us have either given or received jewellery on Christmas, however, I personally find jewellery quite a hard thing to buy for others unless you really pay attention to the type of jewellery they wear everyday. Nevertheless, it makes the perfect gift for a friend, mum, sister, cousin etc. So I came across this online designer jewellery and gift shop called Benna and I wanted to share some of my finds which I think would make great Christmas gifts. 4

                                      Who are was established not long ago, only in 2009 by Benna Harry a jewellery designer and former fashion stylist. Benna studied jewellery design at university in the early 1990's before going on to work as a fashion stylist in London. This is why Benna's designs are so unique and trend inspired! Benna has been raved about by beauty guru Lauren Conrad and worn by A-listers such as Naomie Harris. 

              Benna collections, rings, necklaces, and everything sparkly...
Benna doesn't just stock her own designs, she also has several designers you can choose from. Some of these include: Tom Ford Sunglasses, Alex Monroe, Lucky Eyes, Charms on a Chain, Jennifer Behr headbands and Lara Bohnic among many others. 
Benna also separates jewellery through collections which allow you to shop according to your taste or the taste of who you're buying for. I find this extra handy as I really don't like gold jewellery, so I can skip right past that and go to my favourite; silver and diamonds. Benna's collections include:
Fine Jewellery
Costume Jewellery 
Gold Jewellery
Sterling Silver Jewellery
Diamond Jewellery 
Love Jewellery
Wedding and Bridal Jewellery 
Vintage Jewellery 
Pearl Jewellery 
Gemstone Jewellery 

I found myself searching through the necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet departments and making a list of bits I loved for myself, my mum and my sister which you can see below. Some of the jewellery pieces are very pricey but there rings, necklaces. I have included in my list some very expensive pieces and some more reasonably priced bits. Bear in mind, that this jewellery is unique and designed by special jewellery designers, so unlike jewellery you buy from famous jewellers, this pieces will be a lot more exclusive, and that's what you pay for! 

From the top left: Charms on a Chain "I do" Charm Necklace: £125 // Lucky Eyes Silver Butterfly Necklace: £47 // Embers Triple Stone Citrine Gold Pendant: £36 // Alex Monroe Silver Calabria Crest Hoop Earrings: £150 // Kanupryia Gold and Crystal Scatter Ring: £104 // Lucky Eyes Gold Horseshoe Bracelet: £40 // Monica Vinader Rose Gold Ava Mint Friendship Bracelet: £95 // Shourouk Montana DS Earrings: £298 // Lucky Eyes Silver Skull Necklace: £55 // Lucky Eyes Rose-Gold Pink Cushion Stone Necklace: £70 // Bouton Ornate Yellow Leaf Earrings: £95 // Kanupriya Gold and Crystal Earrings: £93 // Lara Bohnic Solar Eclipse Platinum Bracelet: £380 // Bouton Yellow Petal Ring: £95 // Bouton Ornate Clear Stone Band: £115 // Kismet by Milka Gold and Diamond Moon Ring: £1,075,00 

                                      Engraving for Christmas...
Benna's Monica Vinader collection of Fiji and Ava are available to buy with personal engraving. If you want to go that extra mile and make your gift really special. 

Have you ever shopped with Benna? Will you be buying anyone jewellery this Christmas? 

*This is a sponsored post. 


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