Saturday, 16 November 2013

Operation: Smooth Legs with Onyx Laser Hair Removal

                                              Hi beauties! 
Hi beauties, smooth, hairless legs I think is one think all girls want, PERMANENTLY! But not just legs of course, there are plenty of other places such as arms and face! 
There are currently so many laser and IPL treatments available both from salons and as home gadgets, but which of them really work? And where is the place to go for the best treatment? 
Having used one at-home IPL device myself I can surely tell you that it does work in ridding you of the unwanted hair but it's definitely not permanent which is what has led me to explore the laser option more in-depth. 

If you live in or close to London you will know that beauty salons that offer laser hair removal are everywhere. But how do you know where to go and where to get the most for your money? Because lets face it, these treatment sessions are not exactly cheap. I've come across a cosmetic clinic in London called Onyx that does free treatment trials, finance and the option to earn free treatments. This immediately caught my eye because this clinic gives a lot more options than most. 
Onyx use the SopranoXL blue laser for their treatments, this is the most efficient laser currently available in the market, so you know you're in good hands! 

Opportunities and offers...
Onyx have a rewards scheme which you have to sign up to the newsletter in order to receive discounts, offers etc. They also have 0% finance options either spread out over several months or just a couple. It's completely personalized and adaptable to your circumstances.
Lastly and possibly the best offer which you're unlikely to find anywhere else is that Onyx offer a free trial using Onyx's revolutionary SopranoXL blue laser - the most advanced laser in the world of permanent hair removal. This way, you can test the process for yourself, see whether it's for you, whether you find it painful (although this treatment is meant to be pain-free) and then you can decide whether it's a treatment you'd like to continue! What have you got to lose? 

Is it for you?
If you're still working out whether laser hair removal is for you or not, here are some benefits of having this treatment done. 

  • Compared to waxing - the lifetime cost of laser removal is much lower.
  • Convenience of a few treatment that give long-lasting results.
  • Painless
  • Gives you long-term confidence by permanently removing hair from the most embarrassing of places. 
  • Convenience of not having to wax or shave on a regular basis.
  • Hair-free areas appear smoother and more toned without skin bumps or hair folicle dots normally associated with shaving and waxing. 
So, if you like what you see, why not pay Onyx a visit? Their clinics can be found all over London. With a free trial at your disposal, what have you possibly got to lose? 

Have you ever had laser hair removal? Are you thinking about doing it?
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