Friday, 8 November 2013

Red Cherry Eyelashes Review

                                             Hi beauties! 
I was recently sent some Red Cherry False eyelashes by The London Beauty Hub to review for you. I was sent 2 sets of eyelashes, one set was quite natural-looking, subtle but nice and the other set was the complete opposite. Very fluttery, dark and thick lashes, and bizarrely, made out of 100% human hair which is a first for me when it comes to eyelashes. I had never heard of Red Cherry lashes before, but was more than excited to give it a go and let you know what I thought! 

My thoughts...
I have worn both eyelashes and my thoughts on them are mixed. First of, the thicker lashes #101 are made out of 100% human hair which I thought was quite strange but clever at the same time and also makes a lot of sense. The more natural-looking eyelash set #747L however, did not claim to be made out of human hair so I assumed these were like most eyelashes, synthetic. 

First of all, I had to cut a part of these as the lashes curved upwards and flicked out and the end bit had These did not bring any glue with them, just a sticky strip which lets face it, will never actually work! I was disappointed with the fact it didn't bring glue as most lashes do, even though most glues are quite poor anyway. I do however, use Eyelure glue so I used that to glue these on and surprisingly enough I found them to be quite resistant to the glue which has never happened before, especially given that this glue is really quite strong. It took two attempts to secure the lashes onto my lids. 

Because of the resistance, I found it hard to place them close to my own lashes because of the remains of glue from the first attempt. This is why you will notice that even after using mascara on my own eyelashes and clamping them down with an eyelash curler, you can still clearly see that my eyelashes are quite far from the false lashes. Also, I think that the fact that they curved upwards so much made them hard to place properly and blend in with my own lashes. 

Look and comfort...

I didn't particularly like the way these looked. They flicked up too much, they were too thick and far too long for my taste, but I can say that they sat well and didn't come off. If you like really big, bold lashes, then you'll like these ones. Because of the length of the lashes they do feel rather strange. In order words, you can actually feel them because every time you blink they touch your eyebrows! 

These are averagely priced at £3.99 and available here however, because they haven't got the glue I feel that they bring less value to the buyer who can go out and buy other lashes within the same price range which include glue. 

#747L (Ignore the weird eyes, it was Halloween!) 

I also had to cut these at the corners to stop them from flicking out, but mostly, so that they blended better with my own lashes. I normally do this to all lashes not just this brand. I have to say that these were a little resistant to the glue as well, it also took me 2 attempts to get the glue to actually stick to them properly, however, unlike the other pair, these adhered well and blended with my eyelashes very well. Also, because they're more natural looking and don't curve up so much, they can easily be re-worn at least 3 times. 

Look and comfort...
I really liked the look of these, they blended very well and looked very natural. They worked well at giving my own lashes a nice boost of thickness and length which is just what I like about false lashes; when they don't actually look false! 
They were also comfortable to wear all night and very easy to take off. 

These are also priced at £3.99 from here. They are I believe reasonably priced and I can recommend these to anyone looking for some natural looking lashes. However, no glue is included with these ones either. 

Have you ever tried Red Cherry lashes?  What' your favourite false lashes brand? 

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