Friday, 22 November 2013

Watches & Fashion.

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Watches have become huge sensations in the world of fashion by storm with social media platforms like Pinterest being completely inundated with gorgeous Michael Kors watches worn on the wrists of affluent, gorgeous women and often styled with similarly chunky, expensive bracelets and rings. 
Watches have become the must-have fashion accessory and even in magazine like Vogue, fashion shoots almost always involve this so highly desirable accessory. 

Being the owner of a Michael Kors watch myself, I too gave into the MK watch craze this year, decorating my wrist with this beautiful accessory everywhere I go. But what about the watch 'founders' lets call them. The watches that not just anyone can afford to buy, but the ones that will turn heads in envy? Does anyone fantasize about brands like Rolex, Breitling and Cartier? And where do you even buy one from? 

Family owned business Prestigious Diamonds have carved an enviable reputation both nationally and abroad. Prestigious Diamonds offer the highest value products (watches & jewellery) at unbeatable prices, but, through a unique purchasing approach. Watch brands at Prestige Diamonds include:

Prestige Diamonds is the kind of store where you would see Victoria Beckham purchasing her bespoke, specially designed jewellery. Prestige offer a free service from sourcing diamonds and gems to designing and handcrafting s unique and totally bespoke piece.

Prestige Services You Can Use...
There are two very good services offered by Prestige Diamonds than anyone can use. The first is selling your watch! If you have a Rolex or any other highly expensive watch that you want to sell but you don't want the hassle of time-wasters on eBay for example, Prestige will buy your watch! 

Secondly, if the diamontes on your watch have lost their shine, or your leather strap needs a little pick me up, why not valet your watch? I know that if in a year or two my designer watch needed a little clean, I would only trust a professional to do the job, and who better than a company who stocks Rolex? To get your watch valeted, you will need to call: 01704 500 007.

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Have you got a watch? What's your favourite watch brand?
Prestige Diamonds

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