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Botox in 2014: Hunts Cross Dental Centre & Botox Expertise!

                                              Hi beauties! 
Who's already booking their post Christmas beauty treatments at nearby salons? We all make new year resolutions, and for many of us this involves tackling something we don't like about ourselves. 
I myself, have been googling microdermabrasion treatments for the new year, to try and clear my complexion up a little bit. BUT...for other people, it might be something a little more drastic, like botox! 

I was looking at a clinic called Hunts Cross Dental Centre in Liverpool which also offers botox treatments! I was really impressed with the customer reviews, especially, as some of the customers visited the clinic all the way from London! What do you think about having botox treatments at a dental clinic? I'll tell you what you should think, you should think it's great as dental surgeons have actually been recognised as being one of the most suitable professionals to administer this treatment due to their knowledge of facial anatomy and experience administering injections! 
All you need to know about botox at Hunts Cross...
Hunts Cross offer a form of botox called Botulinum Toxin. This treatment targets present unsightly lines and wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming in the upper facial region. Botulinum Toxin is very widely used and people will often do their research before committing to the treatment, and if you're thinking of botox, I would advise you to research it prior to the treatment as well.

Laughing gives you wrinkles! 
When you laugh, frown or squint, your facial muscles cause the skin to crease. With time, these creases deepen and can turn into fine lines which remain, even when the face is relaxed. Frown lines in between the eyes can be particularly confidence shattering as they will often make you look older. This is where Botulinum Toxin comes into effect. An injection into the affected areas temporarily immobilizes the muscles responsible for wrinkling, giving the face a more relaxed, youthful appearance. Wrinkles instantly become smoother too, and with time might even disappear! 
The science behind it...
Botulinum Toxin is a bacterium that blocks the release of acetylcholine, a substance which is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses that elicit muscle contraction. The initial effects of the treatment become visible within 72 hours. The maximum effect is reached after 1-2 weeks. The overall results promises to be very natural, not mask-like!

This treatment generally lasts 4-6 months and then a further injection is required to continue the effect. 

What is there to be worried about?
There are side effects, but they are extremely rare. If you were to experience any side effects they would be temporary soreness and mild bruising. Some people may also experience a slight headache after the treatment , but it;s nothing a painkiller can't safely treat, 
How much does it cost?
This is dependent on the requirements of every individual, however, treatments at Hunts Cross generally range between £175 to £250

Is it for me?
Although I'm too young to be considering botox treatments, I think it's something I would do at a later stage. Perhaps from 35+. I'm all for people having such treatments if it helps with confidence issues, but I would definitely advise you to thoroughly research it all first. What I do like about Hunts Cross is that they provide a lot of information not just on what the treatment does and how you can benefit from it, but also the science behind the toxin, what it is, where it comes from, how it works etc, giving you peace of mind!

So, going forward into 2014, is botox something you will be trying? And will you be visiting Hunts Cross?
Hunts Cross Dental Centre 

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