Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: FOR MEN

                                                Hi beauties! 
I have had my man trying and testing some popular grooming products for Christmas over the last 2 weeks! One thing to know about him is that he has quite sensitive skin, and he's rather picky, especially with smells. These are all relatively low priced so any of them make good little 'stocking fillers', as an extra present, and also a good gift for someone you don't know particularly well, or for that crazy uncle! 

Keep reading to find out which was the favourite grooming gift!

David Beckham Homme Duo Set - £4.00 
OK, so, I have to come out and say it! This one was his favourite! Although this is actually the cheapest and 'smallest' gift out of the bunch, the boyfriend's choice was simply defined by the fact that the scent of the bodywash in particular was very long lasting. Go grab this bargain gift!
Available nationwide at Superdrug

Dove Premium Wash Bag - £11.99 
This is a fantastic grooming gift. The washbag is super handy and it's what the boyfriend liked the most as he now uses it to keep all his shaving gear and is also happy to have a little toiletries bag he can store his manly products in when travelling. For £11.99, this is also excellent value for money as it contains 3 great products. An anti-antiperspirant, body wash and hydrating post-shave balm (his favourite out of the 3 products). Oh and, as it's Dove, you probably already know that the products smell lush!  
Available nationwide from Boots // Superdrug // Asda // Tesco and more! 

Lynx Apollo Trio Gift Pack - £8.99 
This is the perfect generic gift for someone you don't know very well. Perhaps a friends' boyfriend? A long lost uncle you only see once a year? Mum's new boyfriend or sister's new boyfriend? Lynx has the kind of very generic smell that appeals to almost all men. So, if you're out of ideas for someone you don't know that well, why not go for Lynx? 
                     Available nationwide from Boots // Superdrug // Asda // Tesco and more! 

Ted Baker Smart Money Gift Pack - £18.00  
This is the priciest out of the bunch, but it is Ted Baker. This makes a great gift for two types of guys. It makes a great gift for someone who likes the nicer things, someone who really likes their brands and takes great interest in looking after themselves. OR I also think this is a great fit for a just turned teenage boy. The combination of antiperspirant, wallet and shower gel make a great first 'manly' present. So why not treat a little cousin or nephew? Or maybe the fussy brand-loving man in your life! 
Available from Ted Baker 

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