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New Year New Health With Healthy Life 2 U

                          New Year New Health With Healthy Life 2 U
Hi beauties! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! The new year tends to be the one time when people really set out to achieve something for themselves to make the year ahead a better one. However, many falter and find it hard to continue with their new year resolutions. So how can you make sure this doesn't happen to you? 
Well, will power is your number 1 friend, but, for those who want to get healthier, live a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight, there are always little things out there than can help keep you on the right track! 

I've recently discovered an online health and weight-loss stockist called HealthyLife2U. Here, you'll find Herbalife shakes, vitamins, snack bars, protein powder, protein snacks, weight-loss start up programmes, weight loss tablets, drinks, beauty products and many more healthy products.
I'm going to be giving you some tips on how to get on the right track to a healthier life using Healthy Life 2 U! 

Going to the gym? What do you need?
If you're signing up with the gym in the new year why not choose some Herbalife shakes to speed up your progression? Herbalife shakes help support weight loss and are a good meal substitute as they contain as many as 19 vitamins, minerals and nutrients all essential for good health. These shakes offer the equivalent of a healthy meal in balanced nutrition and contain both protein and fibre to aid digestion. So if you tend to have a big lunch at work? Why not substitute your lunch time meal for a shake a few times per week? 

Easier said than done right? We all get hungry, some more than others, but my main tip is DO NOT go food shopping for lunch when you're ravenous. You'll just end up buying double what you would have and all likely to be super yummy/not so good for you food! 
If you have real trouble controlling your appetite and you're constantly finding yourself hungry why not try the Formula 1 shake sachets? These contain Soya protein and plant based carbohydrates which help you stay fuller longer. And also? Don't skip a healthy porridge or cereal breakfast! It really does make a difference. 

Herbalife's Formula 3 Protein Powder has the upside of being low in unwanted fat and contain less calories than dietary meat, cheese and nuts. By increasing your daily protein intake without also raising your fat intake, this shake will help you maintain energy levels between meals and maintain lean muscle, ensuring that you only lose weight in the right areas. 

Similarly, Herbalife's Fibrebond is a super innovative product for those who have digestion problems. Containing natural plant fibres, the fibre bond combines with ingested food to speed up the passage through your digestive system, quickly ridding the body on unwanted fats and excess weight. As this is a natural fibre, it will absorb waste minerals and water, eliminating them from your body and removing dangerous toxins. 

My last suggestion is drinks! Herbalife's Aloe Vera Concentrate is like the cherry on top! This is something that I will be adding to my new health plan in the new year when I get back into the gym. Aloe Vera has so many health benefits that there is no reason why anyone shouldn't drink it. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, it's high in amino and essential fatty acids, stimulates the adaptive and defensive mechanisms of the body (resisting illness), boosts digestive system, helps detoxify, alkalizes the body, regulates blood pressure and improves circulation, boosts immune system, contains skin healing properties and promotes weight loss. However, if you really can't stand the taste of it, Herbalife has a mango flavoured version that will have your taste buds tickling. 

I hope this advice and my new discovery of Healthy Life 2 U Herbalife products has helped you. 

Will you be going healthier in 2014? Which products will you be trying to aid you in your journey? 
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