Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Best Salon in London; Michael Van Clarke

The Best Salon in London
Michael Van Clarke
Hi beauties! Last Saturday I visited the amazing Michael Van Clarke salon in the center of London; Regent's Park for some highlights and a cut. Needless to say, having only ever had my hair cut at mainstream salons such as Sean Hanna and Headmasters I was extremely impressed. Michael Van Clarke really is what you'd call, luxury hairdressing where a cut with the owner, Michael himself will cost you £375! 

My Experience and What I had Done...
When I arrived at 11am I was immediately given a gown to put on and asked what I would like to drink while I waited for my technician to finish her current client. I was amazed at the fact that MVC actually had a 'canteen' downstairs where they serve hot food and smoothies too! This was the first salon I've ever been to that actually serves food and drinks rather than just tea, coffee and juice so I was massively impressed and ordered myself some English breakfast tea! (Which came served like you would expect it to in a 5* hotel)
I was then taken to Jodie who was doing my highlights. I explained that I wanted them to complement my hair shade and be thin and quite subtle. She instantly knew exactly what I wanted by suggesting some caramel highlights to make it seem like I'd been on a Caribbean holiday. She was also extremely friendly, I've never spoken to a hairdresser so much when having my hair done like I did with Jodie which was great as it helped me know more about the salon and it also made me feel really comfortable! 

When I had my hair washed after the highlights, I received a head massage AND another amazing fact about MVC, the chair you sit on gives you a body massage also! OH MY WORD! You can imagine how happy and relaxed I felt. 
Lastly, I was then taken to my stylist Claire who was super friendly and understood exactly what I wanted.  I asked for 4 inches off the length (my hair was really really long), maintaining it in a V shape and sharpening up my layers! Claire did a fabulous job! Normally, I go to the hairdresser, come back and no one has noticed I've had my hair cut, but Claire's cut was so precise, I could see that she paid so much attention to even the minuscule aspects of the cut AND another new experience for me, she cut my hair while it was dry! 


The half head of highlights and cut would have cost me a total of £200 which is about double of what I would have paid at Headmasters or Sean Hanna, but, the luxury and outcome you get is 100% worth the price. Before visiting MVC I had lost all hope in hairdressers and used to find that they don't listen, pass you around the salon without really understanding what you want and then charge a fortune for little or no change to your look!
However, seeing how welcomed and well looked after I was, not to mention, how good my hair looked after (see pictures below) I completely changed my mind. Both Jodie and Claire showed an immense sense of knowledge and they were both very friendly and cheery. As my subtle highlights were only an experiment into the colour world, I am pleased to announce that I love them so much I will definitely be back around summer time to add more in! Definitely recommend it to everyone who wants excellent service! 
MVC has gained another permanent customer. 
(You can see the shimmer in my hair on the second picture)
               (You can see how long my layers were on the left and the lovely highlights on the right )

                                                  Have you ever been to Michael Van Clarke?
                                                                    Michael Van Clarke 


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