Monday, 3 March 2014

Book Review: A Flash Of Lightning by Tony Drury


A Flash Of Lightning by Tony Drury

Genre: Fiction  
My Rating: 4*
Synopsis: Jessica agrees with her mother; it's time she had a baby. She's given up looking for the right father. City financier Matthew, has raised £6 million to make a film. Now it's gone missing and his neck is on the line.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Rudd has learned that there are terrorists planning to murder 400 people. She doesn't know where or how and now her brilliant career is threatened.

Will DCI Rudd uncover the terrorist plot in time to save the nation? Who has taken the film money? Will Matthew find the love of his lifeand a new mother for his daughter? And why is The Great Train Robbery on everybody's mind? 

My thoughts...I loved this book! I found it a thoroughly entertaining and exciting read! It's very well written and provides a good account on how the finance world works! At first I was a little confused as to what the Great Train Robbery had to do with the story but it all becomes clear at the end! I fascinatingly followed the 2 different plots of Jessie and Matthew and Sarah and Nick with avid interest and curiosity throughout! and I loved how they intertwined at the end. 

I was never left bored as there were no filler pages to this novel! A very gripping read indeed, especially with the last 50 pages being full of adrenalin pumping moments and with an ending consisting of red panties saving the day (that's all I'm giving away) followed by a similarly happy ending for Jessie and MOB makes this novel a highly recommended one by me! So if you fancy yourself a London-based fictional, all round exciting novel, why not give A Flash Of Lightning a read? 

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  1. I've been looking for a new book to sample on my kindle. The synopsis sounds great, i'll definitely be checking it out! Thanks!


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