Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The BIG straighteners TEST! #1 Lee Stafford ArganOil Straighteners

The BIG straighteners TEST! 
#1 Lee Stafford ArganOil Straighteners
Hi beauties!
I don't know about you but I find that so many people are heavily reliant on GHD for their straightening needs! Since I started blogging I became more aware of other brands that are just as good if not better than the big names that dominate advertising. I decided to start a series of posts on the NEWEST straighteners (out in the last 6 months) currently in the market and share my findings with you all.

First of all, straighteners have all changed so much since I was 16. Back then it was saving up £120 for GHD's or spending £20 on a crappy non-ceramic pair of Remingtons. Even you got them you couldn't do much other than straighten. There was no temperature regulator, no fancy digital screen, NOTHING! Nowadays, even the budget straighteners have more options and offer you more control - and oh! They're all ceramic plated! 

#1 Lee Stafford ArganOil Straighteners - the BUDGET straighteners! 
Enough waffling, I wanted to start with the lovely bright pink Lee Stafford ArganOil Straighteners*. These are going to be my BUDGET straighteners as they are priced at RRP £39.99 which is half the price of most professional brands like Babyliss etc. The Lee Stafford ArganOil straighteners' plates are infused with Moroccan Argan Oil to deliver super shine and heat protection. These are also supposed to improve hair texture and condition whilst maintaining elasticity and protecting from heat and UV damage! 

My thoughts..
First of all, I would like to say that I found these straighteners extremely good value and quality. Despite being much cheaper than GHD and other leading brands, the plates were excellent quality, very smooth and easy to glide the hair through which is often a problem with cheaper straighteners. They come with a digital screen for temperature adjustment (much nicer than the manual temperature wheels) allowing you to adjust the temperature from 150-230°C giving it that salon quality at home! The digital screen also advises you when the desired temperature has been reached. 
A really peculiar aspect to these straighteners is that you can almost control how hard you clap the plates together, I think because of the oil infusion on the plates they glide through the hair so well that you don't have to hold the plates down very hard to get an excellent result, you can just clap them down quite lightly! 

I love these straighteners, I have very long hair, and lots of it, and it straightens my hair quickly and easily. I took maybe 7 minutes to straighten my entire hair with it, you don't have to overly straighten the same sections of hair like you would on most cheaper straighteners, once or twice is enough to get you that smooth finish. I was very pleased with the silky, smooth and shiny results! 
I have no complaints about this product whatsoever, the only thing which for me isn't a negative, but probably does show it's price is the fact that my hair kinked quicker than it does with other straighteners. If I straighten my hair before bed, with other straighteners the next day it's still poker straight whereas with these, kinks had started to form. However, for me this is a minimal issue and it wouldn't stop me from re-purchasing this again. 

I would definitely highly recommend these to anyone on a bit of a budget who still wants a great quality product! 
Available from Argos 


  1. The straighteners are such a great price! I'm so used to using GHDs that when I use other straighteners now I just don't like them. But these actually sound really good!

    Hannah x

  2. I love the sound of these especially because they include Argan Oil such a huge fan of macadamia and argan oils :) I will need to consider getting these! Such a great price x


  3. I think you're in love with pink straighteners? I just left a comment on your pro mineral straightening iron. how would you compare two?

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