Monday, 7 April 2014

The BIG straighteners TEST! #2 Cloud Nine C9 Touch Straighteners

The BIG straighteners TEST! 
#2 Cloud Nine C9 Touch Straighteners
Hi beauties!
Number 2 in my big straighteners test is...Cloud Nine C9 Touch!*  

#2 Cloud Nine C9 Touch - the INNOVATIVE: INSTANT HEAT straighteners! 
These are going to be my INNOVATIVE straighteners as they are are made using Cloud Nine's latest innovation to make them the fastest heating irons available in the market! 
Priced at RRP: £99.00 the C9 Touch is the world's first automatic iron offering instant heat! The C9 begins working from the first glide with no on/off switch. 

In addition to its gorgeous button-less design, the C9 Touch heats up automatically and reaches its maximum temperature of 195°C instantly! If however, you want a lower temperature to create softer styles, clap the plates together three times to switch to 165°C instantly. 

My thoughts..
First of all, I would like to say that the way these straighteners are presented make them highly suitable to be offered as gifts as the box and overall look and feel of them oozes luxury so definitely thumbs up for design and quality. The plates are extremely soft and very very easy to glide the hair through smoothly. The design is very simplistic, it's button-less and does not offer a digital display like most straighteners; instead like its name suggests, it works with 'touch'. To turn it on you simply clap the plates and to switch between higher and lower temperatures just clap the plates together 3 times. The straighteners feel very smooth and light to the touch making them perfect for travelling without wasting baggage space or having to take crappy smaller travel-size straighteners instead. 

I did quite like these straighteners, I often straighten my hair at 210-220°C because I have quite a lot of hair and I admit that I was a little worried at first as these straighteners only went up to 195°C but, the quality was definitely still present at 195°C. The C9 Touch straightened my hair very quickly, it took approximately 7-10 minutes to do my entire hair. I was very pleased with the long-lasting, poker straight results, however, the only negative for me with this product was that I felt it left me with a lot of flyaways/static hair. I know that these derive from broken or new hair, however, most other straighteners tend to smooth these down a lot more than the C9 Touch - making this the only downside I found with this product. However, this wouldn't prevent me from re-purchasing this product, especially as a gift. 

Lastly, these are great for curling and waving as well. As the plates are very soft and the temperature can be lowered, making this iron the perfect tool for creating soft waves and curls without using too much heat which sometimes results in a kinked look rather than a curl or wave. The small grip lines at the tips of the plates also don't get as hot as the rest of the straighteners which again, helps with curling. 

I would definitely highly recommend these as a gift for a loved or, or if you want a luxurious pair of straighteners that are versatile, simplistic, light, and compact and deliver great results! 

Available from Cloud Nine 


  1. I have the first generation Cloud 9. I have red hair that is thick and coarse. I straighten my hair at 150'C, it works perfect.

  2. When it comes to my hairs, I become conscious and that is why I just want to buy best flat iron and nothing except that. So can you help me with my search please?


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