Saturday, 31 May 2014

KMS Head Remedy Dandruff Shampoo Review!

KMS California Head Remedy Dandruff Shampoo
Hi beauties!
You may already know from previous posts that I LOVE the Redken anti-dandruff shampoo. For someone with a dry and often itchy scalp, it was a heaven sent product for me as it's the only one that completely stops dandruff 100%, cleans the scalp and leaves no itchiness. 
A while back I decided to try out KMS' anti-dandruff shampoo. It's the same price as the Redken shampoo, and KMS' popularity was very much out there so I thought I'd give it a go! 

My thoughts..
I found this shampoo to have a very pleasant menthol scent, it was of a very nice, thick and creamy consistency, very good for creating foam, however, it just didn't live up to my expectations! Although it left my scalp feeling super fresh, once that feeling faded, my scalp didn't feel 100% comfortable, it felt a little itchy, and also, some dandruff was visible so my scalp had been left dry. As my first KMS product, I was quite disappointed with this and thought that for the same price as my regular Redken shampoo, it really didn't match up to it. I wouldn't recommend this shampoo to someone who is looking for a dandruff solution as for me it didn't work. There are far better dandruff shampoos in the market for the price. RRP: £11.05

Have you ever tried any KMS products? What did you think? 

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  1. I have tried KMS products but my favorite thus far is the free shape quick blow dry spray. It truly truly works. I have very curly hair that used to take me from 30-40 mins to dry (straighten) and the product reduced it to about 20 mins. Of course after getting a better hairdryer that was reduced in addition to the product so now it only takes about 15 mins in my quick phase. Still 20 if I want extra care.

  2. Sorry it didn't live up to your expectations, and no I've never tried any KMS products. But thank you very much for this informative post. Hope you find a shampoo you really like ^^

    Cristielle |Fairytale Princess ☾•*

  3. Hi Sara, great review. I was practically in tears over a dry/itchy scalp and tried so many different products. Although not fancy at all..I found Eucerin shampoo worked really well for me. I would have tried KMS but thankfully reading your review it probably would have been a waste of money if your scalp was still itchy afterwards. I will have to try Redken next :)

    1. Hi Trish. So glad I saved you some money then! I haven't tried Eucerin but might give it a go once my Redken is finished. Redken is simply amazing though! x

  4. great review:)
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