Monday, 26 May 2014

The BIG straighteners TEST! #4 Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners

The BIG straighteners TEST! 
#4 Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners
Hi beauties!
Number 4 in my big straighteners test is...Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth straighteners.*  

#4 Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth - the SMOOTH, FLIP & WAVE NEURO Straighteners! 
These are going to be my SMOOTH, FLIP & WAVE straighteners as they are are made using Paul Mitchell's intelligent Neuro smart sense technology which uses microchips to monitor temperature 50 times per second ensuring perfect, even heat! The manual mode also allows you to customise heat according to your hair type! 

Paul Micthell's latest innovation in Neuro tools allows temperature to be monitored throughout the styling process so that you retain the best heat for the best results. These Smooth 1.25 straighteners use premium IsoTherm titanium plates to deliver perfect smoothing, flips and waves, gliding through the hair is just one easy, smooth pass! 

When you turn on the Neuro straighteners you're prompted with the temperature. You can choose any temperature between 80°C and 230°C making these the perfect straighteners for every hair type; thin, thick, coarse - there is a temperature for everyone! The straighteners will then take a few seconds to heat up to the chosen temperature and will alert you with a beep when the temperature has been reached and the straighteners are ready to use! 
Unsure what temperature to use? No problem. simply press the M button and use the + and - buttons to choose between the straighteners options which include:
  • 200°C fine hair
  • 210°C normal hair
  • 220°C coarse hair
  • 230°C professional use
Because of the 1.25" cushioned plates with beveled edges, demarcation lines are easily avoided when flipping, curling and waving, making these perfect for achieving any look you want! 
Other features include auto-shut-off (which you get to choose).

My thoughts...
First of all, I would like to say that I am SO impressed with the amazing technology of these straighteners. These are very simple straighteners, but they offer you so much. My favourite aspect is the temperature ratio, this has the widest temperature choice out of all the straighteners I have tested which makes them suitable for virtually everyone and every hair type! I love the design as these straighteners are slightly bigger than most and boast a square design rather than a slim, cylinder-like design like the majority of straighteners. 

I really liked these straighteners. I often straighten my hair at 210-220°C because I have a lot of hair, I  was easily able to achieve  silky smooth, poker straight results that last days with reduced static and flyaways. I would definitely highly recommend these as a gift for a loved one or as straighteners to keep if you want to spend a decent amount of money on a gorgeously smart pair of straighteners that are smart, simple, light, and compact and deliver great results! RRP: £89.95.

Available from Paul Mitchell 


  1. I'm in need of updating my straighteners soon. I wasn't even aware this device existed! Love the post!

    I've just followed you on gfc, i'd love it if you followed back!

    1. Thanks Kate. Following back :) xx

  2. This is so lovely! I have a giveaway on my blog, if you're interested. Have an amazing day!



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