Sunday, 8 June 2014

Proactiv Smoothing Primer Review!

Proactiv Solutions Smoothing Primer
Hi beauties!
Quite a while back I was kindly sent this Proactiv Solutions Smoothing Primer.* I had heard a lot about Proactiv, however, had never tried any of their products - despite being plagued with spot-prone skin. However, as I have just started using the Proactiv skincare kit for blemishes, I thought I'd re-visit an old product I hadn't yet shared with you! 

My thoughts...
This primer is great for wearing under your foundation as it will smooth the skin and help with shine if you have oily skin like myself. The fact that this primer is oil-free is fantastic as well as it won't add to yours. The consistency is a very strange cross between gel and cream. It's quite thick but it's absorbed quite quickly. It's also completely odourless and the more you work it into the skin, the softer it feels, completely resurfacing the texture of the skin and ultimately refining it for a super soft and smooth finish - perfect for wearing under foundation. 

Overall I really like this product as a primer. I've tried and tested many primers which are often lumpy and too thick, therefore not helping to smooth the skin at all. This primer is perfect if your skin is like mine a bit rough and bumpy from blemishes and blemish marks, AND, if you wear foundation regularly and just want a smoother canvas to apply it onto, this primer does the job very well, I have to say I was quite impressed with it. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try a new primer, or to try primers for the first time. RRP: £14.95
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