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Bare Holiday Beauty Essentials

Bare Holiday Essentials 
Hi beauties!
I tend to over-pack when going on holiday, but was actually quite good this year! I wanted to share with you some of my absolute must-have basic beauty products. This includes hair, skin and makeup! So, if I could ONLY take a handful of products, what would they be?
The Products...
Moroccan Oil 
My hair takes quite a beating when I'm on holiday, mostly because I tend not to use masks, I'm always in and out of the sea, putting it up at the beach and so it results in some very knotty hair which I end up pulling at a lot to de-tangle. One thing that does help keep it looking lovely is some nice oil, and as Moroccan Oil happens to be my favourite, of course it must end up in my suitcase! I did however buy the small travel bottles from Boots and poured some oil in there instead of taking the entire big bottle! 
RRP: £31.85 from Feel Unique.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in 'Warm' 
My essential powder! My skin is oily by nature and being out in the sun all day wearing minimal makeup and tonnes of cream (SPF & CC) will often make my face look shiny. To avoid this, a little powder is always the perfect solution, so I wouldn't go without it! 
RRP: £1.99 from Boots

Nyx 10 Piece Eyeshadow Palette in 'Runway'
I didn't use a lot of makeup during the day, especially not eyeshadow. However, I wanted to take this with me for when I wanted to dress up a bit more in the evening when we went out for some drinks! This palette contains all the basic neutral shades such as dark browns and creams so it's everything I need for a few weeks away!
RRP: £10.00 from Nyx Cosmetics

Estee Lauder Concealer 
I love Estee Lauder concealers and foundation so it's no wonder this little concealer pot was an absolute must for taking away. However, this concealer I bought in the fairest shade which is now tricky to use as my skin has tanned. However, as I use CC cream which is darker, it's still great for concealing blemishes underneath the CC cream.
RRP: £23.50 from Boots 

Benefit Erase Paste in '02' 
I packed this as a 'just in case' product. This erase paste pot came as part of a Benefit gift box and I have never used it because shade 02 is too dark for me. However, I took this with me in case my skin darkened and I needed a new concealer. I never did end up using it though!
RRP: £20.50 from Boots 

Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Spray 
I packed this but never used it, however it's extremely helpful if you wear a fair amount of makeup while abroad and don't want sweat, heat or water getting your makeup out of place. Spray this onto your finished makeup and it will guarantee no smudging!
RRP: £5.99 from Boots 

Vichy BB Cream in 'Light' 
I packed this in case the sun really burned away all of my imperfections and then I could just wear this gorgeous BB cream. Great to pack if you don't plan on wearing any makeup but still want luminous, soft, hydrated skin!
RRP: £21.00 from Boots 

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara   
A good all-round mascara and the best thing about it? Not clumpy at all. Giving you all the curl and volume you need without weighing your lashes down or looking too unnatural! 
RRP: £9.99 from Boots 

Barry M Blink Precision Waterproof Liner 
I wear a lot of liquid eyeliner, well not lots, just all the time. This is my favourite as 'm very clumsy at eye makeup and due to its think tip it facilitates the glide on the lid, PLUS it's waterproof!
RRP: £4.59 from Boots 

Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Foundation 
This is my everyday foundation which got absolutely dumped while I was on holiday! However, good taking one of your regular, safety-blanket type products if you need it. I took mine in case a huge zit decided to show up!
RRP: £29.50 from Boots 

L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in 'Fall for Watermelon' 
This is one of my favourite lip products of all time. My lips get very dry so lipstick is no good, however, this balm has the shine and intensity of a lipstick but feel of a balm. Absolutely fantastic! Must-have easy lip essential for anyone's holiday! 
RRP: £6.99 from Boots

Benefit Lemon Aid Corrector 

This is my highlighting essential! I packed this for those days in which my skin (especially eye area) needed a little highlighting and luminosity. 
RRP: £16.50 from Boots

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in '022' and Barry M Lip Paint in 'Shocking Pink' 
These were my 2 lipstick choices as they are very summery pinky-red shades which really gave me a completely different look. They're both of a very nice consistency, don't dry my lips and are definitely worth taking away with you! 
Rimmel RRP: £5.49 from Boots // Barry M RRP: £4.49 from Boots

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Redness 
OMG! My summer saviour! This is such a clever product. It;s green, but the particles pick up on your skin colour and transform into your own skin colour so that you get a foundation effect. I wore this everyday as it gave me some SPF protection, a gorgeous glowing, tanned colour to match my own tan AND it hid most imperfections and redness. DEFINITE top 3 beauty product for me. I'll be reviewing it in full very soon! 
RRP: £9.99 from Boots 

Braun Silk-Epil 7 Epilator & Shaver 
I'll be reviewing this in more detail soon, but for now, this was my go-to for all hairy things while on holiday. If you want to epilate a few or a lot of hair from whichever part of the body, this does it quickly, relatively pain-free AND fuss-free unlike wax. This epilator also comes with a wet and dry shaving adapter head so that you can shave in the quickest, most efficient manner for you, I'm a HUGE fan of this product because let's face it, who wants to waste time grooming themselves while on holiday?
RRP: £74.99 from Amazon

What products do you usually take away with you? 


  1. All the products are so tempting!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog!! I'm following you now on gfc, bloglovin, google+ and facebook! Sorry for the delay! xx Hope you will follow me back on all!! Thanks :)

    Keep in touch

  2. I love this post.
    and yes Moroccan Oil is so good for your hair I always use it!
    sinead xxx

  3. I love Moroccan oil, amazing, love the part about BB cream, exactly why I use it :)
    I just found your blog, an it is really great and interesting :)
    Maybe if you like my blog, we can follow each other on GFC, would be great,
    hope to hear from you :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  4. I am really interested in that BB cream. Does it have a good coverage? :)

    1. Hey Linda,
      It's good if you haven't got any massive spots to cover up, if you do I would recommend using a little bit of concealer underneath first. If you just want to conceal redness or smaller imperfections then it's good :) x

  5. Great essentials darling! I'm also a big fan of Moroccan Oil :) I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


  6. nice post and cool blog)

  7. I need all of this! Especially the epilator! Hehe. I've been meaning to try out the Moroccan oil for the longest time! Thanks for sharing! Hope you can visit my blog!

  8. All I can say is YES to the epilator! Definitely an essential :) xo


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