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July Degusta Box

July Degusta Box 
Hi beauties!
I'm delighted to be reviewing the July Degust box which is packed with even more delicious goodies than the last one! July's box is very lemon-ey and fruity, so prepare to drool! 

What's Inside and Thoughts...
Inside the July Degusta box were 3 bottles of Zeo, Portlebay Popcorn, Maggi Chicken & Leek, Maggi Piri Piri Chicken, Maggi Beef & Ale, Maggi Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken, Dr. Oetker Eton Mess & Dr. Oetker Violet Crystals, Hornsby's Blueberry Ciders and Green & Black's Lemon Bar. 

The fabby refreshing fizzy drinks are GREAT if you enjoy the fizz but are tired of the usual excessively sweet, sticky soft drinks like tango, pepsi etc. ZEO drinks are crisp, dry and soft with a tingling sensation. I received these in three flavours - peach, grapefruit burst and citrus crush and lime zest. Personally the citrus crush and lime zest was my favourite, it has a very natural, soft taste and it makes a good change to having water or fruit juice with your meals! Definitely stock up on it if you're inviting someone over for a meal! 
RRP: £1.29 single // £4.29 4 pack. Available from Tesco nationwide 

Portblebay Popcorn
Portlebay are a Devon-based company who produce hand-made popcorn. They invented the amazingly tasting Kraklecorn which is slightly different from your average popcorn. Once you've tasted Portblebay popcorn you will see the difference between mass produced popcorn and hand-made popcorn/kraklecorn. I've started substituting crisps for popcorn as it's a much healthier option, and these divine flavours of chilli & lime, salt & sweet and crispy bacon & maple syrup, who can resist?
RRP: £0.79 per pack. Available from Tesco and retailers across the UK

Maggi Chicken & Beef Flavours
I absolutely LOVE the Maggi chicken and beef flavours, they provide a cheap, quick and easy way of cooking chicken and beef. From cooked in the bag chicken to frying sachets and beef casserole packets, Maggi provides the every day essentials to create a fantastical flavoursome meal in half an hour! I recommend these packets to families as well as couples with busy lives, or anyone looking for a delicious baked meal! I have to say, Piri Piri chicken is by far, my favourite!
Total RRP for 6 sachets £5.54. Available in supermarkets nationwide

Dr. Oetker Eton Mess & Dr. Oetker Violet Crystals 
Dr. Oetker is a brand that uses the latest baking trends to create products that inspire bakers to do something a little different! Eton Mess and Violet Crystals sprinkles are the perfect way to add extra colour, flavour and creativity to ALL of your home baking and desserts. Degusta has included a recipe for Eton mess cupcakes which I will be trying next week so watch this space! A simple way of using Violet Crystals is to sprinkle them over your vanilla ice cream. YUM!
Eton Mess RRP: £1.99 // Violet Crystals RRP: £1.29. Available in supermarkets nationwide 

Hornsby's Cider 
Cider, blueberries? Yep! You got it! I LOVE cider, it's my all-time favourite alcoholic drink. When Bulmers brought out the berry flavours I was SOOO happy as anything with berries or forest fruits gets a huge thumbs up from me. Enjoy Hornsby's chilled with some squeezed fresh lemon and a twist of lemon peel for a zesty finish!
RRP: £1.25. Available from Tesco and Asda nationwide

Green & Black's Lemon Bar 
Perfect for the adventurous chocolate lover, this bar is made of 60% dark chocolate with a zesty lemon flavour providing a striking balance between fresh citrus and enticing sweet chocolate. The subtle lemon tang will make you wish these long summer nights never end! 
RRP: £2.29. Find out more at Green&Black's

Frank Bar
Like cereal bars? Then you'll love the Frank bar. This is the perfect snack made with 100% natural ingredients! It comes in 5 different flavours; blueberry, strawberry, orange and oat & double chocolate.I was super lucky to get the seriously delicious blueberry and chocolate bar. Free from gluten, nuts, dairy and refined sugar, Frank's fruit bars make for some very honest snacking! 
20 Bars RRP: £16.00. Available from The Frank Food Company 

The Berry Company Special Tea
The berry company is a family-run business who produces a range of delicious and nutritious juices. This was my favourite item in the entire July box because it has a very similar taste to Ice Tea, except Ice Tea tastes a lot sweeter (as I'm sure it also contains a lot more sugar). I had the amazing peachy white tea and I seriously wanted more and more. It's the perfect afternoon refreshment. Antioxidant-rich, no artificial colours, no preservatives, no flavourings! 
RRP: £1.89 per 1L carton. Available from Ocado 

Degusta box is a monthly subscription food box which costs £12.99 with p&p included. Every month you will receive different food items in your box, from items you can make a meal with such as pasta and sauces, to individual products such as drinks or snacks! 
What did you think of the July box? 


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog! I love yours, followed! Have a lovely sunday :)
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  2. Nice post, Zeo souds nice, we don`t have that in my country :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am following your lovely blog back on GFC,
    have a great week :)

  3. Great ideas here I love Maggi a lot, you an do so much with them, especially if you are entertaining.
    Following your blog, hope you can follow back soon.

    Lisa x

  4. Oh MY how great is this. I get a vegan box due to my lifestyle but it's really refreshing to see more food boxes. This just looks jam packed xo

  5. Great post ^_^



  6. I'm definitely into the carbonation of drinks more than the sugar!

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