Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush 
Hi beauties!
I've recently changed toothbrushes from Colgate Pro-Clinical to this brand new Oral-B Pro 5000*. This is a super smart brush that definitely did not disappoint so read on... 

My Thoughts...
First of all, the brush comes with a travel/storage case, stand for extra toothbrush heads and charger, wireless timer and 3 heads making it great value for money. One of the best things about electric Oral-B toothbrushes is that, unlike Colgate, the availability of different brush heads is huge! You can choose heads that focus on a deep clean, whitening etc. Regardless of which brush head you choose, you are guaranteed to get the dentist clean feel every time! This brush is simply amazing! It cleans perfectly without being TOO harsh on the gums like some other brushes are, the power is all there as is the clean, minus the gum ache at the end. 

This brush also comes with an amazing 5 cleaning settings instead of the usual 4. Also, one of the most distinguishable traits of the Pro 5000 is its smart technology. Oral-B have equipped this brush with technology that provides interactive feedback during each brushing to help you improve your brushing every day. The smart guide connects with your brush wirelessly to give you feedback on the time taken to brush and the pressure you are using to brush your teeth with. A change in brushing occurs every 30 seconds to let you know how long you have been brushing as it's recommended you spend 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth. The smiley face will go sad if you're brushing too hard and the red light on the back of the brush will also light up to reflect this, preventing you from hurting your gums. 

Overall I am super pleased with this brush. The technology is fantastic, it definitely helps to improve your brushing habits and it also helps you visualise where you should be brushing, for how long and with what pressure. A highly recommended product, it cleans really well and definitely keeps plaque at bay. I have also noticed an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. Not only do they feel a lot cleaner in between, but there is no staining as well and their overall whiteness and appearance has definitely improved in the months I have been using the Pro 5000. Go and grab yours now from Boots RRP: £169.99


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  3. Such a good review, great job :) love your blog! x

  4. Oh this sounds amazing. I always think toothbrushes are the biggest investments we can make for our teeth and saves a lot of dental work. Great review.
    LaaLaa xo
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  7. nice post.

  8. Great post! I received this brush too a few days earlier, it's really great! I love it too and just like you, i feel like the feeling of clean teeth is fantastic! I'm really pleased too. Although this brush is a little bit expensive, it's worth it. Lovely blog.

  9. Awesome blog! Really, It's the great brush i have ever seen. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I use super soft toothbrush, always, because my gums are really sensitive and often bleed and swell, so i'm having second thoughts on electric toothbrushes.
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  11. The majority of electric powered toothbrushes contain a 2 minute timer that could turned off after 2 units associated with cleaning to show you if you are performed. Likewise, by utilizing a stainless steel toothbrush, you do not destruction your current gums through depressing the toothbrush tough against your current enamel.

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