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SPF Holiday Essentials

SPF Holiday Essentials
Hi beauties!
I am very lucky to have tried this amazing range of Nivea, Eucerin Guinot, Fake Bake and P20 SPFs and after-suns during my holiday! SPF is SUPER important when going on holiday and you NEED to use it correctly or you'll end up like me last year - acting like a vampire because I got super burnt on the first week and had to spend the last away from too much sun! 
Studies show that if you burn in 10 minutes, an SPF50 should provide you with up to 500 minutes of protection, that means roughly 7.5 hours of sun protection. Simply x the amount of minutes it takes your skin to burn by the SPF factor to find out your protection! However, I like halving this which for me would mean about 3-3.5 hours of protection because the studies were done with a 1mm layer of sun cream instead of a simple spray or layer of cream! 
I'm very lucky to have such a nice collection* of creams, sprays and gels to try out in all factors, as well as after-suns and a tan enhancing lotion. So see below to find out why these are my top picks! 

My Top SPFs...
First we have the Nivea in-shower after sun lotion. Your skin gets super hot when you're out in the sun all day, so after sun is a great way of helping you cool down. If you're not one for moisturising yourself, fear no more. Nivea have created this shower lotion which acts as a normal shower gel but helps relieve the heat from the skin instantly freshening you up! RRP: £8.00. Currently £4.00 in Boots

The second is Nivea SPF50 Spray. This is the highest factor you can buy and it's good for children and very sensitive, pale skins. It contains enhanced UVA/UVB filters which give instant protection from UV rays. It's also water resistant! We had the SPF30 version of this on holiday last year and we loved it. I love sprays much more than creams, and this one will definitely be keeping you very protected. Make sure to apply 15 minutes before swimming and every 1-2 hours after swimming. RRP: £12.60. Currently £6.30 in Boots

Thirdly we have the Nivea SPF20 Protect & Refresh Mist. A gorgeous invisible mist that provides protection and has an immediate cooling effect. Apply to the areas to be exposed, let it dry and re-apply. Re-apply frequently and after swimming. This should last for 6 average adult applications. Can't recommend this enough. Definitely my favourite as it was so light and unnoticeable, PLUS it allowed me to tan healthily without burning. RRP: £16.00. Currently £8.00 in Boots

First we have the Eucerin Tinted Sun Fluid for Face SPF50 and the Sun Face Fluid SPF50. These are relatively new products and are pretty much the same, except one version is tinted. The tinted version will act as a bit of a BB cream providing an even natural-looking skin tone whilst protecting against UVA and UVB rays. It's non-oily, water-resistant and won't leave skin shiny. Perfect if you feel like leaving your foundation at home! RRP: £16.00 each. Currently £12.00 each in Boots

Next we have Eucerin Face Sun Creme SPF50+. This face cream provides a 3-dimensional protection system superior to most other SPFs. Strengthens the skin cell's defense against the sun, light, non-greasy texture, does not leave white marks, water resistant and fragrance-free! The Mr. hogged this one to himself as it was his favourite! RRP: £16.00. Currently £12.00 in Boots

Lastly on the SPF side we have Eucerin Body Sun Spray Transparent. Most SPF brands will allow you to use one product on both the face and body, but I love how Eucerin have specialised their products for the face and body! As I mentioned above, I love sprays so this one definitely came handy and was very well used! RRP: £16.00. Currently £13.12 from Boots

Eucerin After Sun Lotion is my second after-sun pick. Free of any perfume, this is the ideal after-sun lotion for all skin types, even sensitive. Apply after a hot day of prolonged sun exposure. A little word of warning it did make my skin tingle, but it also really helped me feel refreshed. RRP: £12.50. Currently £9.37 in Boots

P20 Once a Day SPF50
My Mr.'s favourite for the body. P20 is very different to most sun creams and sprays as it only requires one application per day as it provides 10 hours of protection. Although this is great for saving time and money (a little goes a long way with this spray AND it's only required once per day), it does make it extremely difficult to tan. The times which my boyfriend applied this spray he did not tan at all. I believe that maybe this was because the factor may have also been a tad too high, not helping the skin to tan. I would recommend this to people with extremely sensitive skin or babies and children as it's great for blocking out the sun...completely, but definitely not if you want to get a good tan! RRP: £24.99. Currently  £19.99 in Boots

Guinot Glamour Sun Gel SPF15
This lovely gel only came out in July so it's a brand new product! This SPF comes in the form of a luxurious gel-to-oil texture which makes skin luminous and silky. I really liked this gel, it was far easier to apply than the regular thick, casper-looking cream, and it left the body looking and smelling good! Also, due to its consistency and factor of 15, I was still able to get a tan. Highly recommend for the tan seekers! However, it is the priciest of the bunch! RRP: £30.50, available from Urban Retreat

Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion
This is supposed to help you keep your tan longer, even when you have returned home to cold, cloudy England. I started using this shortly after getting a tan as I thought that like the Garnier Oil Bronzer (and others like it) it would intensify the colour of your tan, however, this is only to be used in order to PROLONG your tan not INTENSIFY it. As my skin became very dry and peeled a little in certain areas, this lotion definitely helped me keep it soft and a lot less dry. As for the tan extending benefits, I've definitely experienced some golden glistens, but I am still testing the tan prolonging benefits out! RRP: £13.00 available from Fake Bake.

Which products do you religiously take abroad with you in the summer?


  1. I honestly never knew there were so many kinds of sunscreen out there! Thanks so much for sharing! I have quite pale skin and I need a good spf lotion so this is perfect!


  2. I didn't know about the world of SPF's until recently, there's so many! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. SPF is so important! I'm so happy you made this post :) Great stuff hun, keep up the good work

    Jennos Health.

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  5. I love the nivea in the shower lotion, perfect for lazy moisturizing applyiers like myself!

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  11. ooh this is such a helpful post! i always use SPF50 on my face every day and 30 on my body when it's sunny!

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