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Rokit Professional Gel Nail Kit

Rokit Professional Gel Nail Kit! 
Hi beauties!
After having had many £25 gel manicures over the last couple of months, I started realising that these would not be so difficult to do yourself at home, AND would save you £££s! Apart from the filing you get at the salon, gel nails are pretty easy to do yourself. Simply buff and clean the nail - base coat - 2-3 coats of polish - top coat - clean with lint-free pad and cleanser. Job done! I've been testing the brand new Rokit gel nail kit* which has been designed to give you everything you need for a fabulous at-home manicure. But is it the same as a salon manicure? Read on...

My Thoughts...
First of all, the kit I received was pre-launch which explains why it hasn't got any branding etc. This kit contains an LED curing lamp, Rokit polish in hot pink, Rokit Ready, Rokit Remove and Lint-free cleansing pad, nail buffer, file and cuticle stick. Notice that this kit does not use or require a base and top coat.
Despite not requiring a base and top coat, the polish was super adherent and shiny! I was actually pleasantly surprised that the polish had that gel look and feel without the sealing provided by a top coat which is what usually gives gel nails that incredible shine which differentiates it from regular polish. A word of warning is that you MUST do the polish layers very thinly otherwise, it will lump and not cure properly which is what happened when I had my first go. It's best do do lots of thin layers rather than one or two very thick ones. When done properly, the manicure does look amazing, but how long does it stay on for? 
Rokit says it should last up to 14 days which is the case with salon gellish and shellac manicures, but did it? The answer is, not the full 14 days, but mine did last just over a week! The beauty of gel nails is that, unlike regular polish, they NEVER chip! This is true, my manicure never chipped, but as your nails grow and the polish starts to get further down on the nail, further away from the cuticle, it's easy to get a very small flappy bit of the top of the gel caught on something like a jumper, pulling some of the colour off which then forces you to peel the nail, so you do need to be careful after the first week. For me it took 10 days until this happened to my forefinger and then shortly after that, my thumb. However, for the 14 day period the rest of my nails remained in perfect shape so perhaps I should've been a bit more careful with those two nails. I don't see this peeling as a major problem as you can fix whichever nails the polish has peeled off of and do another 2 layers in minutes rather than having to re-do the entire manicure. 

With 8 fantastic shades currently out, I would highly recommend this kit to all nail addicts who have had enough of spending so much at the salon for something they can do themselves. I haven't really noticed any major difference in quality and lasting results between a salon gel manicure and an at-home one. Although it may seem pricey at first as the kit retails for £99.99, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Especially if you frequent the salon 2-3 times per month, meaning your spending around £50-£75 per month. 
The nails are super easy to remove as long as you use the appropriate removal liquid. I found that peeling didn't damage my nails TOO much, but gel polish is almost like a glue so when you peel it your nails will look a little dry, so definitely get some nice cuticle oil and remove them accordingly at all times.
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  1. Very well written,
    have a great week :)

  2. Thank you for this review, convinced me to buy this kit :)


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