Saturday, 18 October 2014

A/W 14 Lipstick Shades

My Top A/W 14 Lipstick Picks 
Hi beauties!
I've been really getting into my lipsticks lately, I never usually wear lipstick but since No.7, Clinique, L'Oreal and Revlon launched the lip crayons (a mix between lipstick and lipgloss/balm) I've really been getting into everything lips! I have decided to compile a little round-up of all my favourite A/W 14 lipstick shades for you! 

First of all, the Seventeen Stay Pout lipsticks are absolutely fantastic! As you'll see from the pictures below, the colours are very strong and bright, they are super silky on your lips but they're also very adherent on the lip and they have a certain matte aspect to them. Audition is a very bright shimmery pink perfect to brighten up any dark eye make-up or outfit. It's Complicated is a softer, more everyday natural pink shade perfect for brightening up a nude look! I've definitely been wearing this one the most, it definitely lifts your overall appearance, but in a less noticeable way. Finally, Make An Entrance is your must-have blood red 60's lippy! A must have for making the perfect entrance into any party! Definitely one for special occasions. Although quite matte, this shade is still super luminous! 

All available from Boots / RRP £4.49 each

Boots No.7 Moisture Drench
Both No.7 Shades were super silky on the lips, but very intense. The lippies are long-lasting and light. It definitely won't feel like you're wearing lipstick. I love the Berry Shine shade, it's super light and fluffy, great for uplifting a lazy, nude look, especially during the autumn! Definitely a must-have shade for your make-up drawer. Sweet Chestnut is also quite a neutral shade, it's a lot darker than Berry Shine but it's not a vivacious, out there shade. Again, this is another perfect must-have shade to add to your lippy collection because it's a gorgeous mix between a dark pink and red! Highly recommend both shades, and the No.7 collection in general. 
Available from Boots / RRP: £9.95 each

The Crayons are by far my favourites because of how they look and feel. It's just like applying lip balm when your lips are dry. The texture is really soft, light, and the shades are what you make them! You can have lighter shades like Raspberry Wine or darker shades that stand out more like the Raspberry Red which may look pink but is actually quite a dark, creamy red. Both of these shades are just gorgeous, everyday usable and really, really comfortable to wear, especially if like me your lips are always dry, they won't be thanks to the balm texture AND the cherry on top? These last as long as normal lipsticks! 
                                  Available from Boots / RRP: £9.00 each

One of my favourite lipstick shades ever! It's actually a little bit more on the dark purple side than the picture lets on. It's a really, really gorgeous grunge shade which will be on my re-purchase list for many years to come! Power Plum is gorgeous, long-lasting and super smooth lipstick, and as my first ever Avon product, I have to say, I'm impressed! Definitely go grab this one girls. 
Available from Avon / RRP: £7.50

A brand I've loved for years, Nyx's bold and bright Bloody Mary lippy is of course no disappointment! This lipstick is VERY matte, but very bold and bright at the same time. Definitely a colour worth having for those special occasions! 
Available from Nyx / RRP: £6.00


  1. Love this post! The pictures are so nice! I've mean meaning to go and buy more lipsticks recently so it's great inspiration haha!!


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