Thursday, 23 October 2014

Heston Blumenthal Precision-Orb Scales

Heston Blumenthal Precion-Orb Scales 
Hi beauties!
Today is a bit of a different review. I've been loving this Heston Blumenthal scales*, it's such a gorgeous design and super handy for all the baking! No kitchen should miss out on this one! 

My Thoughts...
Aside from the lovely, modern design, there are lots of really useful functions which are often missed out on other scales. These functions make our lives easier and cooking/baking quicker. One of my favourites is the Zero function. The zero function allows you to reset the scales to 0 even if there is something in the bowl in order to allow for multiple ingredient measurement. For example, add 200g of flour, reset and add 75g of butter! This saves you washing up as you're going to mix the ingredients anyway, which I think is something we can all be super grateful for! 

There is also an Aquatronic function which allows you to measure liquids in millilitres or fl.oz. Again, this saves a lot of time for those who like me who follow at lot of American recipes which us fl.oz. With this baby, you'll no longer waste time googling cooking conversions. 

I love these scales, they definitely help you cut cooking/baking time - always a positive as we're all so busy, and it's definitely something to be happy about. The large 1.5L stainless steel bowl is also dishwasher safe and hello...MASSIVE! The quality is really, really good, and it looks super stylish in any kitchen! These scales are just perfect and it's so reasonably priced that I highly recommend you don't miss out! 
Available on Amazon / RRP: £39.99


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