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Christmas Men's Gift Guide

Christmas Men's Gift Guide 
Hi beauties!
If like me you feel stuck choosing the right gifts for the men in your lives, then you've come to the right place because this year I've combined the best men's grooming and electrical gifts. So whether it's granddad, dad, boyfriend or uncle you're stuck on, hopefully you won't be anymore after reading this guide :). 

N.7 Energising Trio Wash Bag 
Why don't you take advantage of Boots' 3 for 2 offer on all Christmas gifts by buying your favourite man who has everything this manly N.7 wash bag. This wash bag contains 3 full size invigorating, energising skin and body products. The wash bag consists of a Hair and body wash, face wash and facial scrub! The all-over wash can be used on body hair and body providing the perfect, quick shower wake up. The face wash has been especially formulated for thicker male skin and helps to keep skin feeling fresh and healthy. Finally, the facial scrub is perfect for an everyday or weekly deep clean! 
RRP: £20.00 // Available from Boots

Ted Baker Tour De Ted Body Maintenance Kit 
Super cheap, widely available nationwide an excellent value for money, this Ted Baker body kit is the perfect gift for EVEN a stranger - because who doesn't like a little Ted luxury? If you have a secret santa at work or you are thinking about giving someone you don't know that well a gift this Christmas but don't quite know yet, Ted Baker's kit makes the perfect gift as it goes a little above the average shower/body kit with its added designer luxury!
This kit consists of two differently fragranced hair and body wash and body sprays. 
RRP: £12,00. Currently £8,00 // Available from Boots

Osmo Grooming Hair Kit
This one's perfect for the teen boy in your life. Got a teenager nephew or cousin? Every boy loves experimenting with funky hairstyles so what better than a styling hair kit designed especially for men? Osmo's grooming Christmas kit contains: matte clay extreme, shaper maker for added texture, hold and shine and effects detoxify shampoo to help remove all the build-up of the styling products for a clean, healthy scalp! All products are full-size. 
RRP: £17,99 // Available from 

Korres Men's Gift Set
Have you got a sophisticated, older man in your life? Korres' men's gift set is the perfect gift this Christmas. This gift set offers a quick taste of Korres' manly collection with these grooming essentials. Consisting of travel sized absinthe shave cream, marigold aftershave, basil & lemon shower gel, aloe and dittany shampoo and guava shower gel, this kit contains exotic ingredient combinations and scents to please the manliest of men. Perfect to take during a short trip abroad! 
RRP: £19,00. Currently £17,00 // Available from Debenhams 

Jack Wills Cleansing Combo Wash and Spray Duo
Take advantage of yet another Boots 3 for 2 Christmas deals as Jack Wills beauty and grooming products come to Boots this year. This cleansing duo smells DIVINE and is the perfect stocking filler for the boyfriend! Although this is the 'smallest' gift set with only two products, it was one of the boyfriend's favourite by far due to the scent alone! Consisting of a full sized shampoo and shower gel and body spray will leave your man smelling and feeling like a true gentleman! 
RRP: £12,00 // Available from Boots 

Grace Cole GCHOMME Black Pepper Ultimate Gift
Add a little bit of luxury to your dad's or step-dad's grooming gift set and wrap up this gorgeous gift set by Grace Cole. These luxury products will nourish and cleanse the face and hair whilst providing a feeling of true relaxation. Complete with a medium-sized toiletry bag, this set contains a cotton flannel, shampoo, facial wash and shower gel - the complete kit to kick-start any man's day! All products are full size 100ml. 
RRP: £18,00. Currently £14,40 // Available from House of Fraser

Remington Smart Edge XF8500 Shaver  
So I've heard foil shavers are the best types of shaver, and Remington promises to deliver the latest innovation in foil shavers so the Smart Edge XF8500 seemed like the perfect choice! This is the perfect gift for the professional, time-stretched man of today who wants to achieve a close shave without damaging or irritating the skin. If your man has sensitive skin like mine, they'll really appreciate this one! Foil shavers use a thin layer of metal covering the blades which offers a closer shave than regular rotary shavers and reduce irritation making it perfect for those wanting a clean shave on a daily basis without the cuts, nicks and redness! This one is definitely for your favourite man! 
RRP: £129,00. Currently £74,99 // Available from Argos

Braun Series 7 Shaver 
Along with its super sturdy design, this is the most advanced shaver ever released by Braun, truly a gift for the most special man in your life as it's definitely not cheap, but very much worth the price. With more computing technology than NASA's Apollo 11, this shaver is ideal for the perfectionist who will settle for nothing less than the very best! This series 7 shaver captures more hair with every stroke than any other shaver providing that clean shave every-time without cuts, nicks or irritation. Thanks to its Sonic technology, the shaver reads the face actively managing the power of the shaving system and adjusting to the density of your stubble for the best possible shave. the shaver also comes with a pod which has a lemon fragranced liquid pot at the bottom of the pod. When you insert the shaver into the pod face down, one of the functions will automatically show you how clean your shaver is and will completely clean and rinse it using the lemon alcohol solution at the bottom - keeping it bacteria-free and clean to avoid any irritation and cuts during your next shave! Definitely the boyfriend's favourite by far! 
RRP: £249,99. Currently £199,99 // Available from Boots

Baylis & Harding Men's Citrus & Lime Weekend Bag
Sporty? Likes to look good and smell even better? If this is your man then this Baylis & Harding Sport Weekend bag will be his match made in heaven gift. Consisting of a HUGE leather type weekend bag packed full of sports skincare and body-care products for instant citrus and lime invigoration, this is a gift set like no other that will make your man very happy! Definitely a boyfriend gift! Inside the bag there are two full sized and three travel sized products: Citrus lime & mint shower gel, body soak crystals (smell SOO good), hair and body wash, body lotion and aftershave balm. Very reasonably priced!
RRP: £19,99 // Available from Lloyds Pharmacy

Which, if any of these gifts are suitable for the men in your life? 

Decorations: Lights from LED Hut, Santa's sack from Molly And Fred, Baubles, Merry Xmas Plaque, Candle and Hope tree hang from Wilko.

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