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October Degusta Box

October Degusta Box 
Hi beauties!
I'm delighted to be reviewing the October Degusta box which is packed with delicious goodies! October's box is full of ready-to-eat goodies and some cooking delights too! If you'd like to try Degusta box out, make sure you save yourself £3 on your first order by entering the code: L2K20.

What's Inside and Thoughts...
Inside the August Degusta box were: Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf, Pasquier Pain au Lait with Chocolate, Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce, Special K Cracker Crisps, Get Buzzing Flapjack, Solo Marshmallow Creme, Enhance Drinks, Dr. Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate, Dr. Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder, Bear Paws Fruit, Jelly Belly Beans. 

Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf & Pain au Lait with Chocolate
I love Pasquier brioche bread. If I go physically food shopping (I do it mostly online now) I'll always grab the chocolate chip pain au lait, croissants or brioche loaf. The pain au lait are ideal as a snack or if you're rushing out and have no time for breakfast! I love eating them on their own or cutting them in half, buttering up them up and adding a slice of honey roast ham. The brioche loaf is the same, sooo tasty and it's also perfect toasted with some cheese as the sweet flavour of the brioche really contrasts the cheese. If you've never tried Pasquier products, definitely pick them up during your next food shop!
RRP: £1.69 and £1.60 / Available from supermarkets nationwide 

Special K Cracker Crisps
I love Special K's cracker crisps, I almost always buy them as a multi-pack for lunch time at work. This month's Degusta contained a big pack in 'Barbacue' flavour which I hadn't tried before. These make a great snack if like me you're a real savoury person who wants to eat healthy but has a tough time letting go of the savoury snacks. These crisps are very thin and light but still very tasty and with 60% less fat! The perfect guilt-free snack. Available in sea salt & balsamic vinegar, sour cream & onion and sweet chilli and barbecue!  
RRP: £1,89. Multi-packs also available / Available from supermarkets nationwide 

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce
I love sweet chilli sauce, it can be so versatile. Baked sweet chilli and garlic chicken wings are a delish quick and easy snack or meal, or you can dip some crispy chips into some sweet chilli sauce too! I've bought quite a few different Blue Dragon sauces and the quality is unmistakable. If you want to make your dish taste superb, whether it be baked or grilled chicken, chips or a crock-pot, spending a little extra on a decent sauce like this one does make all the difference! 
RRP: £1.39 / Available from supermarkets nationwide

Get Buzzing Flapjack
Here's a brand I haven't come across before. Get buzzing offer a range of 100% natural, healthy flapjacks that complement a well balanced diet by providing fast and slow energy releasing energy that helps you keep going for longer. This really is a great pre-gym snack - I love flapjacks but normally they tend to be quite high in calorie/fat content which is off putting, however, these flapjacks are healthy and protein rich! Yummy yum. 
RRP: £1.30. Enter code: newbuzz10 for 10% off / Available from 

Enhance Drinks 
The thing I love the most about this tiny water flavouring is how easy it is to use. Unlike Robinsons and other brands, there's no complicated add 3 parts water to 1 part flavouring or add 75ml to 300ml water, it is literally add 1 squeeze to a glass of water pronto! 
Enhance does not contain any added sugar, contains real fruit juice and is only 1 calorie per drink! Available in some great fruity flavours, if like me you're the kind of person who drinks a lot of water and sometimes fancies a little pop of taste, these little enhance drink flavours are great to have around, or even at your desk at work! Makes approximately 32 drinks. 
RRP: £2.49 / Available from Asda and Ocado nationwide

Solo Marshmallow Creme 
I've always wanted to try this out as I love everything from American Soda! Typically American, this marshmallow creme goes fabulously with a slice of toast or in baking (marshmallow fudge recipe included in tub). Or if you're feeling a little peckish, just have a few spoonfuls from the tub and tantalise your taste buds with the sweet, toasted taste of marshmallow! 
RRP: £1.99 / Available from

Kent's Kitchen Meal Kit
I'm a huge fan of all these meal kits brands are doing, like the Schwartz flavour shots, Maggi chicken in a bag, and now Kent's meal kits to help busy people (especially couples) cook a delicious, quick meal. What I find annoying sometimes is that most meal kits are often only available for families, making it difficult to cook a quick and tasty meal for 2 without wasting food, so it's refreshing to see meal kits as these that cater to couples as well. 
Although there is an array of flavours, I have received the bengal curry meal kit which contains bengal curry paste pot, curry spices and infused garlic oil. These are also a fantastic way of saving yourself some money as each meal kit costs £2.19 which is approximately what would cost you for a jar of bengal sauce which you might use half of and throw the other half away wasting it. Highly recommended.
RRP: £2.19 / Available from Ocado

Dr. Oetker Dark Chocolate and Dark Cocoa Powder
Oh boy am I looking forward to making a fat chocolate cake for Christmas using these! 
When making a full on chocolate cake it's KEY to have good chocolate, not the synthetic tasting tesco, asda value chocolate! This premium Dr. Oetker 90% extra dark chocolate is made from Ghanaian cocoa and is super indulgent tasting - ideal for melting! The fine dark cocoa powder comes in 3 pre-measured 25g sachets perfect for dusting or baking in general. 
Dark chocolate £2.49, fine cocoa powder £1.89 / Available from supermarkets nationwide 

Bear Paws
Super yummy fruit snack with no added sugar or nasties. Gently baked into paw prints - perfect kiddy and baby snack, and even for adults, although, 5 paws per pack will hardly satisfy any adult haha! I would love to munch on bigger packs of these as they're so yummy, but for those out there with kiddies, this makes a really, really good snack! 
RRP: £0.55 / Available from supermarkets nationwide

Jelly Belly Beans
Can you believe that there are over 100 jelly belly bean flavours? With an immensely sweet and juicy taste, every bean can take up to 20 days to create - which is why these are so special and why I've loved them since the age of 5! If you have a sweet tooth, give these a go. You'll also be surprised at the amount of funky jelly belly merchandise that would make a great Christmas gift as well! 
RRP: £2.50 / Available from supermarkets nationwide

Which has been your favourite item from the October box? 

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