Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Gadget Gift Guide

Christmas Gadget Gift Guide 
Hi beauties!
Absolutely looking for some cool gadgets for the tech lover? Well, some of these may be obvious ones, but all three would make literally anyone happy! 

Jam Storm Bluetooth Speaker*
This new Jam Storm speaker is absolutely amazing! Why I didn't get one of these months ago I really don't know. It connects to your phone, iPad, laptop, PC or any other bluetooth device to deliver excellent sound, especially for a speaker its size! I'm really over the moon with it and would've been really, really happy if given this for Christmas. You can listen at home, outdoors or take it on holiday with you as its size means it's super easy to transport anywhere! 
Here are some other features:
  • The Jam Storm features enhanced bass at the touch of a button, great for excellent sound on the go. 
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to 8 hours of continuous play. 
  • Voice prompts make using the Jam Storm super easy as it announces power and connection status
  • Speakerphone allows you to easily move between music and calls.
RRP: £99.99. CURRENTLY £49.99 / Availble from Currys or PC World

Hard to believe some people don't have an iPad right? They've become an essential to pretty much every household, but, just in case your loved one doesn't or has a broken one, or simply wants to upgrade to the latest model then an iPad is always going to make someone VERY happy! 
Mine is the iPad 2, quite prehistoric now as far as iPads go but it did still cost me £330 on offer some 2.5 years ago. Since mine was out there has been the iPad 1 mini, iPad 2 mini, iPad 2 air etc. Actually, these new releases are fab because it means you can actually get a brand new ipad for less than £200. 
We all know that iPad prices vary due to memory size and model, however just to give you an idea if you're thinking of buying this as a gift. Prices are currently ranging from £199 for an iPad mini 1 16GB to £559 for an iPad 2 air 128GB so your cash splash margin is rather big!
Available from Apple, supermarkets and PC World nationwide! 

Kindle Paperwhite 
This is the one and only gift for avid book readers. I was reluctant to change over from an actual paperback to Kindle because I love the feel of a book, love collecting them on my bookshelf, love being able to see exactly how far along I am etc. However, when my boyfriend gave me this for my birthday earlier this year I became a fan. Not all, but a lot of the books on Kindle are cheaper than paperbacks and you can still tell where you are along the book as it'll either show you a % or a page number out of the total page numbers. The paperwhite is also touch screen making it easier to navigate, and it includes a built-in reading light (super handy if you're a night reader like me). All in all, I think once you actually start reading on it you will become a convert.

Lastly, the paperwhite is available in wifi for £109 and 3G for £169. If you have a smartphone with 3G/4G internet DO NOT buy the 3G Kindle as you can just create a hotspot on your phon/tablet for you phone to connect to using wifi and you can browse the internet on your Kindle through it and access the Amazon store. Honestly, the 3G is the biggest waste of £60 because you will always pick up wifi and if you're in an area with none - use your phone or tablet's internet! 

RRP: £109. Currently £99 in Tesco! / Available from Amazon, supermarkets and PC World nationwide! 


  1. That bluetooth speaker is so cool! I've never seen one so small before! I'll have to look into it! Just followed your blog btw. Great post :)



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