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Fitness: TRX Home Suspension Kit Review

TRX Home Suspension Kit 
Hi beauties!
I hope everyone's made a start on their GETTING FIT new year's resolution! I've just made a start on mine myself. Although I have a membership at Fitness4Less, sometimes classes are fully booked and I end up not bothering to use the gym. This is where home workouts come into play! Having done Zumba and Pilates at home, I found them to be a fantastic alternative to the gym when you don't feel like going or using the machinery. Enter the TRX Home Suspension Kit! 

About TRX and my thoughts...
I've used the TRX suspension kit* on a few occasions now as this home kit comes complete with a set-up and user guide, door anchor, mesh carry bag, suspension anchor, quick-start workout cards and 6 video workouts (five 15 min workouts and one full body workout; 30 min). The TRX kit gives you professional workouts and equipment used by US marines and top athletes all over the world to help you build your strength, core, flexibility and stability! If you don't feel like working out at home, you can pop your kit in its mesh bag and take it outside to the garden, park or even to your own gym if you'd like! 

What's more? You can really get the most out of the TRX system by purchasing the subscription programme which consists of downloadable 15 and 30 min workout modules and series to allow you to mix and match your home workouts, give you tips on how  to optimise your workout through calendars, weekly challenges as well as advice from TRX expert trainers - so you really feel like you have a personal trainer from the comfort of your own home!  

I love using the TRX system, and the best thing about it is, if you don't necessarily want to purchase further workouts, there are plenty available for free on YouTube  - and the best thing about it is, that you can choose a workout to suit you! i.e - bum and thighs, arms, chest, abs etc! You'll always find a workout to target whatever areas you want to work on for the day. The workouts are pretty intense, the TRX system is very sturdy and can really hold your weight. At first, it took me a little while to get the positions right - for example crouching with your feet in the suspension and pulling your knees towards your chest. It can be quite tricky to get at first, but with time you learn to perfect the moves and then you really start to feel it! I have included some of the workouts I've been doing below, it's too early to tell whether significant changes have happened, BUT given the pain I believe that with time, results really will show. After-all, straight after the workout, you really do feel how hard your muscles have worked - always a good sign. 

I would highly recommend this system to anyone who perhaps can't afford the gym, doesn't have time to go to classes or simply enjoys working out at home a lot more. If you want to add something extra to your home workouts (by extra I mean some sort of equipment), then TRX is perfect, especially with the option of purchasing extra workouts, or simply following free workouts on YouTube, there'll always be a different workout for you to try. Also, TRX is perfect for small homes as it really doesn't require a lot of space, just a sturdy door and the length of your body worth of floor space! So there's really, no excuse not to work out :).

TRX may seem pricey at a whopping £198.00, but that would be the usual price of a few month's gym membership AND personal trainer, so for the same price you can have your own equipment and an array of new workouts every week! 

So, will you be giving the TRX system a go? 
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  1. This looks amazing! Such a good way to mix up your workout routine or for those days you can't face going to the gym but don't want to skip a decent session :) x

  2. Try to fit your body at the best of home gym services that are on resistance training and suspension trainer nice to read .


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