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January Degusta Box

January Healthy Degusta Box 
Hi beauties!
January's box is right on queue with my New Year Healthy and Fitness posts so I'm super happy that this box still has some delicious treats as well as healthy additions!  If you'd like to try Degusta box out, make sure you save yourself £3 on your first order by entering the code: H1ONM

What's Inside and Thoughts...
Inside the August Degusta box were: Alfa One Rice Oil, Koko Dairy-Free Milk, Kabuto Noodles, Finn Crisp, Simplee Aloe, Little Miracles Tea, Mornfake Porridge, Haywards Piccalilli, Green Tea, Magners Cider and Sukrin Bread Mix. 

Alfa One Rice Oil 
Rice oil is the perfect way to kick-start your healthy cooking this year. Containing natural anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol (a naturally occurring plant sterol which has been shown to reduce cholesterol absorption, Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is one of the healthiest and most versatile cooking oils, making it the perfect choice for every dish. Will definitely be converting over to this from now on. 
                                      RRP: £2.00 / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Koko Dairy-Free Milk
A great alternative to cow milk, Koko's Dair-free milk is great on its own, in cereal, tea or in your cooking. Made with freshly pressed coconut milk, it contains less calories than skimmed milk, 0% cholesterol and 100% allergen free! It does taste like regular cow's milk and doesn't curdle in drinks so you won't really notice the difference when swapping over from regular milk. Will definitely be getting more of these! 
RRP: £1.39 / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Kabuto Noodles 
A great much nicer alternative to Pot Noodles, Kabuto noodles offer a tasty combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients all prepared with the skill, dedication and discipline of a Samurai warrior. Available is 7 gorgeous Asian flavours. 
Although I did like these noodles, I think they're a little bit pricey compared to the ones I get from my local Korean supermarket so sadly I wouldn't be buying these again. 
RRP: £2.00 / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Sukrin Bread Mix
Sukrin bread mix is a low-carb, sunflower and pumpkin seed versatile mix which allows you to make delicious gluten-free bread with only 1 gram of carbs per slice, free from wheat, egg, sugar, yeast and soya. You can make tortilla wraps, pizza base, burger buns and much more. 
I haven't tried this mix yet, however, it's very much on the pricey side for me having no allergies to any of the popular free-from ingredients. However, if you do have an intolerance to any of the free-froms then this is definitely one to look into! 
RRP: £5.00 / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Finn Crisp Crispbread
I love these and always buy them to dip into humous or simply have with a slice of fancy cheese! Finn Crisp Crispbread contains wholegrain, it's rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as it's baked in sourdough, it's also low in fact with a tangy flavour! 
If you're one for savoury snacking like me, swap your crisps for some of these and you won't regret it! 
RRP: £1.20 / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Little Miracles Tea Drinks
A tasty blend of organic tea, juice and ginseng. Sweetened with Agave, each blend has less than 90 calories per bottle with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Little Miracles drinks are non-carbonated and are a fantastic pick-me-up refreshing drink for any time of the day. I especially enjoyed using these in my smoothies instead of water! 
RRP: £1.48 / Available from Sainsbury's 

Mornflake Porridge 
Cornflake Top Porridge pots are the perfect portion size and the perfect breakfast option to start you off! With optional Lyles Golden Syrup and Nutella flavours to choose from, these are a must-have, especially if like me you really enjoy your porridge in the morning! My favourite flavour was definitely Nutella which I had never thought to put in porridge before! Definitely give these a go! 
RRP: £1.50 / Available from Waitrose 

Haywards Piccalilli 
Haywards Piccalilli is SOO gorgeous! Definitely my favourite item out of the Jan box. A mixture of chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce, this goes amazingly well with pies, burgers, BBQ meat and especially to liven up a sandwich. Will definitely keep buying this once it runs out! Simply delicious! 
RRP: £1.89 / Available from supermarkets nationwide

Manners Light Orchard Berries Cider 
At only 103 calories per bottle, this is an absolute must-have if you're on a diet but still fancy a nice drink! With the refreshing taste of blackcurrants, strawberries and raspberries, Magner's Light Orchard Berries cider is the perfect all-year-round afternoon drink! 
RRP: £4.99 per 4 pack / Available from supermarkets nationwide 

Clipper Green Tea with Lemon
A great little sample pack surprise, Clipper tea is always fab and this green tea with a hint of lemon is no different. Light, crisp and comforting, this fair-trade citrusy tea is perfect for cleansing and detoxifying, making it the perfect addition to your daily health and beauty regime! 
Available from supermarkets nationwide

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Which items have been your favourite in the January box? 


  1. I've been on the hunt for a box like this! I'm definitely going to look more into it.

    lots of love,


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