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February Degusta Box

February Degusta Box 
Hi beauties!
February's box was a little on the sweet side which is great as January's was all about health! If you'd like to try Degusta box out, make sure you save yourself £3 on your first order by entering the code: H1ONM

What's Inside and Thoughts...
Inside the August Degusta box were: Melba Thins, American Muffin Company Chocolate Chip Muffins, Schwartz Flavour Shots, Laimon Fresh, Beet It Protein Bars, Peanut Hottie, Whole Earth 3 Nut Butter, Jack Links Beef Jerky,  Lily Obrien's Cocoa Cookie Crunch. 

Melba Thins
I love using these in the same way as cheese crackers or by sprinkling them on soup or salads as well as dipping them in humous! Melba thins are really crunchy and tasty and they come in very handy packets of 6 - perfect for keeping in your bag for a middle of the day snack. 
                                                     Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

American Muffin Company Chocolate Chip Muffins
On a gluten-free or wheat-free diet? Try these muffins from the American Muffin Company! American Muffin Company also produces brownies and cookies - all made with the finest chocolate chips and Sicilian lemon oil - satisfying your sweet tooth without the gluten and wheat! 
                                                     Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Schwartz Flavour Shots; Spanish Paella and Indian Tikka Masala 
I've bragged about these in previous posts; about how great, convenient and well-priced they are. If you have no time to cook but still want a great cheat meal the Schwartz flavour shots are the way to go. Did I mention how tasty these are? They may be small, but they are definitely yummy! 
                                 RRP: £1.40 each / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Laimon Fresh Sparkling Lemon Drink
I'm not one for fizzy drinks at all, but one fizzy drink I like is lemonade. I'm not big on any particular brands, however, there appear to be more options than just 7UP and Sprite served at restaurants now which must mean lemonade is growing in popularity! Laimon Fresh is a little different because it also contains lime and mint - a super refreshing mix. If you're looking for a sparkly drink with a little extra kick to make a delicious cocktail with - Laimon comes highly recommended! 
                                 RRP: £1.40 each / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Beet It Sports Bar
This was my favourite item from the February box. You can't get healthier than a beetroot protein bar! I wasn't quite sure what to expect as raw beetroot can be quite overpowering, however, I was really positively surprised with the Beet It Bar. Although the taste of beet was rather evident, the oatiness of the bar made a really pleasant mixture with a sweet tinge to it. Beet It Sport is the number 1 natural nitrate brand in the world and the beet it bars contain 400mg of dietary nitrate. Used by 150 universities worldwide for research into the benefits of lowering blood pressure and improving sports performance, you know your body's in good hands when you're snacking on a Beet it bar! 
                                 Find Out More Here / Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Peanut Hottie
Unfortunately this was my least favourite item from the box. I was very excited at the idea of a peanut butter hot drink however, the consistency of the drink was very watery as was the taste. Although I was able to taste a hint of peanut butter, it was very washed out and artificial. I won't be giving this one another go. 
                                                     Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Whole Earth 3 Nut Butter 
On the other hand, this nut butter was a nutty success! Made with the wholeness of hazelnuts, peanuts and cashews, this 3 nut butter will turn your slices of toast into a real treat - just don't spread too much like I did and end up with a sticky roof of the mouth. I love everything nutty so I was really excited to see what I could do with this and I have to say that the way to make the best out of this piece of buttery heaven is by mixing a dollop with some cornish ice cream! 
                                                  Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Jack Links Beef Jerky
I do like a beef jerky snack, although I do find some brands to be overly sweet and chewy. Jack Links being the world's best selling snack company definitely got this snack right - in fact SO right, I ate it before I could picture it :). If you're looking for a healthy snack that will satisfy that salty urge - definitely try this beef jerky! 
                                                  Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Lily O'brien's Cocoa Cookie Crunch
I was impressed with these, they reminded me of M&S's cookie crunch tubs, but who could expect less from Ireland's best-loved chocolatier? Available in a few different flavour varieties, these mini cookie crunch's will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings. Treat yourself, your friends and family, or simply make these a permanent addition to your handbag as the re-sealable bag makes these the only heavenly sweet treat you need when on the go! 
                                                  Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

 What was your favourite item from the February box?


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