Sunday, 10 May 2015

ProCook Anodised Stockpot Review

ProCook Anodised 7.2L Stockpot
Hi beauties!
A while back I found out about ProCook*, a brand of pots, pans and kitchen cookware and must-haves. Being a massive soup lover, I was delighted to be able to test out one of their amazing Professional Anodised Stockpots! 

About ProCook and My Thoughts...
First of all, let me just mention how important it is to buy anodised pans. They may be pricey but they WILL save you a lot of money in the long run as anodised aluminium is twice as hard as stainless steel and super resistant to abrasion and by cooking implements or scourers. Anodised pans are also excellent heat conductors. So as you can see, the quality will speak for itself and you'll have your anodised pans for many years after all the stainless steel pans have ended up in the bin.
Whatever you're cooking, it's always a good idea to have a huge pan like this one, at 24cm and with a 7.2L capacity, you can cook a feast for all your friends and family. 

I found this ProCook stockpot to be extremely good quality for the price and a pleasure to cook in! Heat is evenly distributed without hotspots when cooking, the handles are strong and durable and the tough body of the stockpot makes it a great one whether you're cooking up a quick soup or an 8 hour stew! I was also really happy with the fact that none of the food stuck to the pan, not even with just a little olive oil being used - this is due to every ProCook pan benefiting from a premium ProCook ultra plus triple layer of non-stick coating! This is fantastic as you know you won't have to be bent over the sink scraping the food off of it. As you can see, I tried this lovely pan out by making Thai green chicken and noodle soup (recipe coming soon). 

Although you shouldn't put it in the dishwasher due to the anodised exterior, you can put this pan in the oven at up to 260C if you're making a baking casserole! 

I was very, very impressed with the quality of this stockpot and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing new pans or perhaps moving house and looking at the best items to kit their kitchen out with. ProCook pans really are excellent value for the money - you can have long-lasting, great quality cookware for very reasonable prices and with a 25 year guarantee, what else is there to think about? 

Have you ever tried anything by ProCook?
RRP: £39.99 / Available from 


  1. Definitely sounds like it is worth the investment then, when I find a job and move out after graduating I'm sure this will make a nice upgrade from my cheap student pots and pans ha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

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  3. How many pro cooks do we have on this forum today?

  4. I used ProCook for about 5 years. I love to use them!

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