Saturday, 19 September 2015

Maybelline FIT ME Stick & Powder Review!

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation Stick & Powder 
Hi beauties!
A while ago I thought I'd try out the Maybelline FIT ME foundation stick* and powder* as these are two essentials that never leave my makeup bag. 

My thoughts...
Although called a foundation stick, the FIT Me stick is more like a concealer. In fact, it's very similar in consistency and appearance to the Benefit Flawless concealer. One thing I find with a lot of concealers is that they tend to leave your skin looking a little too shiny. I was pleasantly surprised that this one did not! In fact, this concealer is actually enriched with powders in order to absorb excess oil and provide a natural-looking finish. This little gem will very easily cover up pimples, scarring, uneven skin tone and other imperfections! The small, lipstick-like shape also makes it super easy to carry in your handbag for touch-ups! 

The FIT ME powder also did not fail to impress! This powder provides a really nice, natural, light finish to your foundation. The shades are quite good so you are bound to find one that is suitable for your skin tone. The finish is light allowing skin to breathe and it makes your skin look completely flawless!

The foundation stick/concealer is one of my repeat purchases. As far as concealers go this really is a great, inexpensive one to have. Easy to carry, great long-lasting coverage and no extra shine. Available in 6 shades, I would highly recommend if you're looking for good coverage. 

The FIT ME powder also goes highly recommended for its great looking, light finish and it's also super inexpensive compared to other powders in the market. 

FIT ME Stick RRP: £8.99 / Boots      //     FIT ME Powder RRP: £8.99 / Boots


  1. Lovely review! The Fit Me Sticks sounds really cool and I love how you can use it as a concealer!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  2. Would love to try the powder!


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