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Fitness Journey; A Newly Formed Gym Rat!

Fitness Journey; A Newly Formed Gym Rat! 
Hi beauties! 
This is a bit of a different post but you better get used to it as this blog is going to take a serious fitness turn! I just wanted to share with you all a little bit about what's been happening with me since last year.

I have always had a really small frame. I'm 5'4, have always weighed around 50kg and been a size 6, on occasion 8, never bigger. I had been in a long-term relationship for 6 years, the last 2 years of which had been super toxic on me. By the summer of 2014 I had gone up to 58kg. I understand that a lot of people will think this weight is still ok for my height, however, given how small of a skeleton and slim frame I have in general, you can see how putting on 7-8kg just looked completely out of place on me. It got to a point, where even my face and arms for the first ever time started to suffer the effects of overeating and lack of exercise. 

I must say, I have never eaten unhealthily and it took 2 years for me to gain those 8kg. I have always eaten healthily, I didn't binge or eat takeaways or eat lots of fried foods. My problem was I got very depressed and every dinner I had would be enough for 2-3 people. I will say, I did NOT notice that it was causing me to eat so much, I guess I got so used to eating that way that it had just become normal. When you do this everyday without exercising at all, having a desk job and you drive everywhere, it eventually catches up to you! 

NOTE: Although the image on the left is from 2014, it's just to show me at my most heaviest weight. I started exercising in April 2015! 

So when did it all change?
In April 2015 this year I reached a point where enough was enough. I started training at the gym x5 week and by May my mindset had changed SO MUCH that I had not only lost 5kg within a month, but I had also cut the toxic relationship out of my life. 

I am unbelievably grateful to exercise for really helping me not just physically but mentally. I was so much happier. I felt like myself again. I had completely re-educated myself when it came to food and exercise was not a part of my life that I knew I would never ever give up on. How do you ask? The answer is below...

What did I do?
As I said above, I got to a point where I knew I couldn't keep letting myself go. I knew by embracing a healthier lifestyle I would be so much happier. I randomly came across a Facebook advert for the Emily Skye F.I.T guides (see her website here). One of the reasons I had never been a serious gym goer, despite having been a member at my gym for around 6 months was because I just had NO CLUE what to do! I started going to classes first but quickly got bored, so when I found the Emily Skye guides it really was a godsend because all the thinking had already been done for me! For $48 I got 4 weeks of meal plans and 4 weeks worth of exercises. I quickly purchased Phase 1 of Emily's programmes and started it the week after! 

Phase 1:
This was where I lost most of my weight the quickest! I also lost 4.5 inches from my thighs, 4.5 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my stomach. Also a little note to say how much my skin improved as well during this time and ever since I started exercising and clean eating. Blemishes which I used to get quite a few of are now nearly non-existant! 

Phase 1 targets the entire body to help you lose weight and begin toning up! You have 1x lower body, 1x upper body, 1x core and 1x HIIT training days per week and you rest every 4th day so you are in the gym 5-6 times per week. 

Having seen huge results from Phase 1 after 4 weeks, I decided to continue and purchase Phase 2. I was already in a different mindset by this time. I discovered that I actually loved going to the gym everyday, I was sore most of the time, I could feel my body getting better and better, stronger than ever. When I first started I would get tired from doing 10 squats without any weights, I would drop to my knees doing a 60 second plank after 30 seconds. When I saw what pushing my body did and how quickly my body responded (I'm lucky to have very good genes, I go up weights very quickly and my body adapts to exercises super fast, making me go up weights every week), I was addicted! 

Phase 2:
This phase was my favourite. It's all about targeting the lower body with x1 quad workout, 1x glute workout, 1x upper body workout and 1xHIIIT workout per week! 
Needless to say, once I had finished phase 2, 4 weeks later, my quads were harder, more toned, defined and my butt had perked up! 

Phase 3:
I don't think I need to tell you that I went straight into phase 3 following phase 2. This phase targeted the upper body and core by consisting of x1 upper body pull, 1x upper body push, x1 lower body, 1x HIIIT workouts per week PLUS extra abs workouts to do every other day.

As I mentioned above, all of Emily's guides come with x4 weeks worth of recipes for you to do alongside your guides. This will REALLY teach you about portion sizes and will completely make you re-think food. 

I love food, and while on this diet I didn't feel like I was on a diet. I was eating x5 day, my meal prep was super easy because what I make for dinner is also my lunch the next day and for most meals, you cook 4 portions so you can freeze the other 2 and use them 2 weeks later so, pretty much 2 weeks of the month you cook, 2 weeks you don't. Also, the recipes were yummy, easy and quick and not expensive to make. ABSOLUTE perfection! I didn't feel like I was on a diet, I didn't really deprive myself of anything, I still ate x5 per day, lots of veggies, meat, fish and snacks to help with the odd sweet/savoury cravings. 

After the guides and life now..
I finished all 3 phases in July and by then I had lost another 3kg so I was back to 50kg. Once I had finished the 3 phases in July, I didn't quite know what to do with myself, so I decided to repeat phases 1 & 2 for the time being but as I was so much fitter and was finding most of the exercises/amount of sets or reps too easy I increased reps and weights the second time around for better results. In September, I also added extra workout to my Emily Skye workouts. These I got from the 30 Day Butt Transformation website (here). These are brilliant! Since doing these my butt is perkier and my quads are hard as rock! 
There are a lot of exercises on there that I was not familiar with but that have now become part of my daily training routines. 

After finished the 2 phases a second time, I realised that I just wasn't benefiting from them anymore and needed to start some serious, heavy weights training and focusing on training specific muscle groups intensely. Therefore,I finished phase 2 for the second time at the end of September 2015 and decided that by then I had enough knowledge of muscle groups and training in general to put together my own programme. Therefore, for the last 2 weeks, I have been hardcore training by myself (see pic 2). I really wanted to target my butt so my weekly workouts are as per below.

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Glutes & Hamstrings
Wednesday: Biceps and Back + 15 mins of abs 
Thursday: I do just abs, about 20 mins
Friday: Glutes & Quads.
Saturday: Triceps & Shoulders + 15 mins of abs.
Sunday: Big Glutes focus on Sunday 
NOTE: I alternate between adding Hamstrings and Quads to my Sunday Glute workout every week so that one week I work hamstrings twice a week and quads once and another week I work quads twice and hamstrings once). 

I am now doing 12x5 of 50kg squats and many more heavy weights. on top of 6-7 other weight lifting exercises during the same workout. I LOVE weight training, I just love lifting weights it's definitely my calling when it comes to the gym, and considering when I first started working out in April I would get tired from doing 10 air squats, it is huge progress. 
My body is getting very defined, I have definition on my abs, thighs, arms, back, just EVERYWHERE! I want to carry on making myself even better and even more lean and toned. Exercise and clean eating are huge parts of my life now that I embrace and love and I will never not work out again, I've grown to love it too much. 

I will keep uploading progress pictures as I go along, I'm sure than in 3-6 months time my body will change a lot and I can't wait to see the progress! 

I would like to just end on a note saying thank you to the Emily Skye guides, I know they have helped many women in similar situations and it definitely gave me the kick to start something life changing and become a much happier person. Although the guides taught me a lot about clean eating and I now put together my own recipes, I am still to this day also using quite a few of the recipes from the Emily Skye guides on a daily basis as they are just yum! 

Lastly, never give up. Have discipline and focus. Work on yourself and you will be victorious! 

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  1. amazing change :) congratulates you on your perseverance.


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