Monday, 23 November 2015

De-stress and Relax With Matalan Direct's Bath Yoga Guides!

Discover Bath Yoga! 
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How many of you see your bathroom as the ultimate provider of 'me time'? I know I do! But how many of you actually have time to truly relax and de-stress? The truth is that as we live such busy lives that healthy lifestyles and relaxation tend to go out of the window! Not everyone has an hour or even 30 minutes per day to exercise or even to just pamper themselves. 

In answer to this, Matalan Direct has teamed up with fitness guru and celebrity trainer Niki Wibrow to give you some well deserved 'me time' in the comfort of your own bathroom using Bath Yoga techniques! 
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Yoga and Bath Yoga...
I'm sure everyone has heard how beneficial yoga can be both for the mind and the body. Some of the benefits of practicing yoga include:
- Increased flexibility 
- Toned and sculpted body
- Glowing skin 
- Increased focus and concentration
- Less aches and pains 
- Improved sleep
- De-stress
- Better love life

The combination of warm water and Bath Yoga will allow you to benefit from all of the above without the need to invest in pricey gym memberships, classes or instructors. Whether you need to de-stress and take a break from daily life, relax sore muscles from that tough workout, or simply clear your mind and feel healthier inside and out, Matalan's stress relief and relaxing weekend Bath Yoga guides will completely revitalise you in minutes! 

In Practice...
Matalan Direct suggests you follow the complete guides in order to obtain the best results, however, how long you spend on each exercise is up to you. 4-5 slow breaths is the recommended if you're just starting out increasing this to 8 breaths with time. Download the Bath Yoga Guides in PDF format here:

Take a look at the below videos as Niki teaches you the correct form for these stress relieving exercises  and you'll be well on your way to soothing sore muscles, feeling mentally and physically relaxed and increasing your flexibility allowing you to see results quickly whilst turning your 'me time' into a much needed at-home workout! 

Are you convinced yet? Let me know your thoughts on Bath Yoga and share them on Twitter #BathYoga

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